LFSF Speaker Series

Tuesday March 01 | Gr 10 • Gr 11 • Gr 12

Théâtre Erick MOREAU

On March 01, High school students will have the chance to meet and chat with the author and great reporter of Le Monde newspaper Annick COJEAN as part of LFSF Speakers Series.

Annick COJEAN, special correspondent for Le Monde, is one of France's most widely admired journalists. She is the author of several documentaries and books. 

In 2018, she published Je ne serais pas arrivé là si... 27 femmes racontent, a book containing long interviews with women personalities. This work gave rise to a show  featuring the voices of Judith Henry and Julie Gayet that will be on the stage of the Théâtre Erick MOREAU, as part of the TLF, on MARCH 03.

Students will be able to discuss many topics with Annick COJEAN, including her career and her book. They will be joined by their peers from the Lycée Français de LA.

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