LFSF Speaker Series : Philippe CROIZON

LFSF Speaker Series

SEPT 13 | from 9:00 to 10:30am

Conference with LFSF Gr 9 to Gr 12 students

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Philippe Croizon

Who is Philippe CROIZON

Philippe CROIZON is a quadruple amputee for whom the word impossible doesn't seem to exist.

The 53-year-old Frenchman had his legs and arms amputated after an accident in 1994 that saw him hit by two electric shocks of 20,000 volts.

Since the accident, he pushed himself to pursue new challenges, such as swimming the English Channel, achieving a scuba diving world record and completing the gruelling 8,000km Dakar Rally in an adapted buggy.

Sharing impactful messages

An optimism booster, Philippe CROIZON shares his experience and his inspirational messages with authenticity and humor. Because they are meaningful and speak the truth, Philippe immediately connects to his audience.

He speaks about getting out of one's comfort zone, transforming adversity into strength, federating a team and leading it to collective success, relying on diversity and differences as positive resources...all important messages for our students, and for all of us.

Philippe responds to any new challenges by focusing on a key resource: the human being.

As he explains, after his accident, daring became his way of life. “Without arms or legs, I rely totally on others for everything.“There is no shame in asking for help, no loss of honor. In fact, it’s a way of sharing. I had to dare to approach people, to ask for help. For me, it’s a necessity. I never have regrets. It’s always too late to regret things. You have to move forward.” (The Connexion, SEPT 2021)

His latest project: to travel to space and the LFSF is very proud and excited to be part of this incredible adventure! Philippe wants to be the first not disabled, but “otherwise capable” in space to show that anything is possible, even without limbs.



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