LFSF Speaker Series | Welcome to Holland

LFSF Speaker Series

Nadine VOGEL from Springboard : Welcome to Holland, a journey through disability and through life. It is never what you think.

MARCH 22 at 5pm on the Ortega campus
Free admission | A 60-minute, hybrid (in-person and live-stream) session | This event follows LFSF health protocols


Have you ever been so excited about an upcoming event that you spent months preparing for it, only to have it turn out completely different than you planned? Have you ever felt like you really knew someone only to find out that there were major issues in their life that you did not know about but greatly impacted who they are?

Have you ever felt like you had a handle on life, on your life’s plan, on your career only to find out you had no idea what that really meant, or if it was still relevant? Life is a journey. But we need to remember that it is not about what life hands us along the way, but rather how we react to the detours in the road, what we learn from them and most importantly, what we do with them that counts. 


As the mother of two adult daughters who have special needs, and the world’s leading expert on mainstreaming disability in the global workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Nadine Vogel understands this concept firsthand. In this inspirational, heart-warming presentation, Nadine will share her life’s journey through disability and her learnings along the way; learnings that can be applied to most any of life’s experiences, detours, and roadblocks to ensure a positive outcome.

Whether someone’s detour involves disability, death, divorce, a financial crisis or job loss, they will greatly benefit from this presentation.


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