LFSF Students bringing awareness about plastics in the ocean with Sea Cleaners Organization

LFSF Students, Vincent and Ella are volunteering with the Sea Cleaners Organization, a French non-profit created in 2016 by Yvan, a French-Swiss skipper. The non-profit takes concrete actions to prevent and mitigate plastic pollution whether it’s at sea (cleaning collecting floating plastic waste) or on land (educate and raise awareness). 

With the support of a pool of industrial and academic partners, Sea Cleaners is at the origin of "The Manta Project". This first-of-a-kind processing ship is designed to collect, treat and repurpose large volumes of floating plastic debris present in highly polluted waters, along the coasts, in estuaries and in the mouths of large rivers.

In addition, Sea Cleaners has developed several programs to raise awareness about this project and the importance of protecting the oceans from plastic pollution.

As Sea Cleaners volunteers Vincent and Ella have decided to contribute to this mission and transmit knowledge in a fun way in order to engage and incite action, to the students across all three campuses.  

Vincent and Ella will begin the awareness campaign with the younger students in Maternelle, on Sausalito on MARCH 24 and 25. 

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