LFSF wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving season is all about giving thanks and giving back.

Gr 3 students on the Ashbury campus learned everything about Food insecurity. In their videos, they explain what it means, give numbers and offer suggestions about how we can all help. WATCH Gr 3 A students and GR 3 B students clarifying the situation and encouraging people to donate!

For the last 26 years, it's been a tradition at the LFSF to show our support to the Homeless Prenatal Program Association (HPP) during end-of-the-year celebrations. HPP is a non-profit program designed to help homeless pregnant women and young mothers with their children, and this year they were honored with the Non-Profit of the Year Award by the SF Chamber of Commerce during its 2022 Excellence in Business Award. Parents and staff used to bake a pie for this non-profit, in light of health concerns our annual Pie Drive had to be canceled but we can still donate!


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