Math competition: Gold it is!

The Math Olympiades

22nd edition | Closing Ceremony in Paris, France

by Nicolas LEGATELOIS, LFSF Math Teacher

By On Wednesday, JUNE 08, the Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris) hosted the award ceremony for the 2022 Mathematics Olympiad.

This year, 22,000 Gr 11 students participated in this national competition organized by the Animath association.

This ceremony was the occasion to honor the 50 best students, in the presence of great personalities of the mathematical and cultural world: 

  • Mr. Jack Lang (Director of the IMA, former Minister of Education and Culture)
  • Mr. Etienne Ghys: Director of Research at the CNRS / former member of the "Fields Medal" committee 
  • Mr. Antoine Chambert-Loir: Researcher in Mathematics / former professor at the ENS and Polytechnique.

In the absence of an individual ranking, the laureates were awarded medals :

  • Gold medals : for the top 8 students
  • Silver medals: for the 9th to 26th students
  • Bronze Medals: for the 27th to 50th students

This year, the LFSF was honored because Madeleine De Belloy De Saint Liénard, a student in Gr11A, was included in this prestigious list of winners.

Considering her exceptional level, and in anticipation of her excellent result, Ortega Director, Eric Szarsynski had taken care of organizing this long trip of Madeleine accompanied by Mr. Legatelois to Paris. They were joined by Head of School, Emmanuel Texier, who had arrived in the capital several days before.

They did not regret it because Madeleine was awarded a gold medal! It is a great pride, first for Madeleine, her family, her teachers who supervise her or have supervised her in the past (Mr. Concy, Mr. Schavsinski, Mr. Navaux, Mr. Castanet, Mr. Legatelois) but also for the LFSF and its Mathematics department. 

Two other students distinguished themselves at the Olympiads in the North American Zone:

  • Teia Canini (10th place out of 110),
  • Sophie Mayle (11th place out of 110)

Madeleine having obviously finished 1st (with "exceptional mention").

The road does not end here for Madeleine. Next year, we are looking forward to following Madeleine in the very prestigious "Concours Général" of mathematics that highlights the most talented students of Mathematics in the French system.


Student Voices | Madeleine de Belloy from LFSF on Vimeo.

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