Maths en Jeans 2019: a researcher's perspective


LFSF : Gilles Bailly-Maitre, thank you for taking a few minutes to exchange with us. Could you introduce yourself?


GS: I am Gilles Bailly-Maitre and I am 48 years old. I've been a teacher at the University of La Rochelle since 2002. I do my best to make maths understandable for everybody. I give somes talks, I wrote a book and most of all I produce some videos on youtube (channel : maths adultes).

LFSF : What is your role/mission in the event?

GS : I am giving subjects of research to the students. I will look at their presentations and surely will be impressed by their work, and I will give a conference myself.

What is your experience/ impression so far?

This is just great: everybody learns and has fun at the same time :-)


What is your ambition with this project, what you would like to achieve?

To make students see how fun math can be, and develop in them the desire to further study mathematics! ;-)

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