Navigating the Digital Landscape: 'Screenagers' Viewing & Experts Insight

Navigating the Digital Landscape: 'Screenagers' Viewing & Experts Insight

MAR 13 | Theater Erick Moreau | 7pm


LFSF Screenagers viewing

The LFSF Parent Association is inviting our community to attend a screening of the thought-provoking documentary 'Screenagers', an award-winning film that probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games and academics. The film offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.

Lisa TABB, Co-Producer of the movie, will take the stage providing attendees with a unique opportunity to engage directly with the mind behind the film, discussing its themes and asking questions. It's a chance to gain further insights into creating a balanced and healthy digital environment for our children.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend with their parents or guardians, as this event serves as a starting point for conversations between parents and children about the actions they can together take towards healthier screen habits.


About Lisa TABB

Lisa Tabb is a distinguished producer with a rich background in digital media and parenting. She co-produced the "Screenagers Movie Trilogy" and co-directed "Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol." She also co-produces "The Screenagers Podcast" and edits the “Screenagers’ Tech Talk Tuesday" weekly blog since 2016. Tabb has made significant contributions to the global discourse on youth screen time, with the Screenagers films reaching over 10 million individuals across 90 countries. Her publishing achievements include "Parenting in the Digital Age: A Guide to Calm Conversation." Before her foray into film, she spent 15 years at ABC 7 News in San Francisco, focusing on parenting trends and emerging technologies, and began her career in magazine publishing, notably creating "EcoTraveler." She also co-authored "Beyond Vegas," chronicling her unique experience of marrying her husband in 10 different countries.

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