ORT | Gr 6-8 | Quest for Arcadia Planitia - Design Thinking Competition | JUN 10

"Quest for Arcadia Planitia" on June 10, 2020

This year's edition of our design thinking competition for LFSF Middle School students (Grade 6-8) is on the theme of science, design and robotics . It takes place in 4 stages exclusively online using several platforms.

  • Stage 1: The 3D construction of the Martian base with Tinkercad  taking into account the video tutorials on the ESA moon camp website:
    This construction must be completed and shared for scoring by Friday, June 5 at the latest.
  • Stage 2: The 3D construction of an object on Tinkercad on June 10th. This construction must be completed and shared for scoring before noon.
  • Stage 3: Coding challenges on coderZ, a platform free of charge for teachers and students. 
  • Stage 4: This stage will include games, riddles and disguises on the theme of science and the conquest of Mars.

Many LFSF students have already received training on Tinkercad. They can continue to progress with Tinkercad tutorials: https://mooncampchallenge.org/Tinkercad/

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