ORT | Science Fair in Gr 6

FEB 17, 2022


The Gr6 Science Fair took place this morning!

Organized around 3 themes ( Physics-Chemistry; Biology-Geology; Sociology) it was designed to familiarize students with a proper scientific approach going from problem to hypotheses, experiments, results, and finally conclusions.

Students worked collaboratively. Once they picked a theme, they had to think of a science project where their approach would be based on a hypothesis that could be verified by an experiment. Progress were skillfully guided each week by their Science teacher Emmanuelle OFFNER, and informed by independent experiments at home.

What is the recipe of glue ? What is UV Light? Does the color influence the taste? How do you make elephant toothpaste? Students answered so many questions we might all have!

Final projects were delivered in the form of illustrated poster boards that helped communicate their experience to others and then presented to the entire Gr6 group, in the presence of our HOS, Emmanuel TEXIER, and Deputy Head of School, Eric Szarzynski. 

This project started last October and unfolded over the pas 4 months. 
The winners will share their work with the elementary students (ASH and SAU) after the February break. 

Congratulations to our winners 


1st place: "Il faut que ça saute", by Edouard and Lucio

2nd place: "Les citrons lumineux", by Lucie and Manon

3rd place: "La production de colle", by Hina, Madeleine and Berkeley



1st place: "La force Magnétique", by Nicolas and Nicholas

2nd place: "Les glaçons ont besoin de vêtements", by Tiphaine,  Leonore, Louise and Penelope  

3rd place: "Les masques de beauté", by Eleanor and Simone



1st place: "Chien, Chat, Chopin", by  Tala, Eva-Rose, Thémis and Audrey

2nd place: "Mission Potato" by Katharine

3rd place: "Electro Chef", by Julian, Sinclair and Paul


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