ORT | The new Bac : a more personalized approach

LFSF is implementing the changes initiated by the French Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. Greater emphasis will be placed on continuous monitoring  student's knowledge and skills, with some occasional testing to evaluate academic performance.


A individual path, more flexibility

The general track series (L, ES and S) will no longer exist. Instead, high school student will choose electives according to their tastes and ambitions : specialty courses and options.
The 2021 baccalaureate will be based on continuous assessment on the one hand and on final tests on the other.
The written and oral French tests will remain at the end of 11th grade.
In 12th grade, two written tests on specialty courses will be held in the Spring and two tests will be held in June: the written test in Philosophy  and an oral exam prepared during Gr11 and 12.
Continuous monitoring will consist of common tests organized on the course of the last two years.

4 principles unchanged

  • To pass, students need a minimum average of 10/20

  • There is no elimination grade 

  • The current system of honors is maintained
  • The oral test is maintained as a second chance to obtain the Bac.

A common core is complemented by a choice of specialty disciplines and one or more options. 

Specialty disciplines are chosen by the student and are deepened between Gr11 and 12 (three disciplines in Gr 11and two in senior year, out of the three followed in the first year).

At LFSF, the choice was made to make Mathematics compulsory in Gr11 in order to allow students to have the credits required by American universities.

Other specialty disciplines offered will include physics chemistry, SVT, economics and social sciences, political and geo-political sciences, and computer and digital sciences (INS). 

Informational courses on choices after Gr12 will enable students to build their project in an informed way and to be truly involved in their education.

The tests

The final tests count for 60% of the final score.

Each high school student will present an early written and oral test of French at the end of the first year.

In senior year, students present four final tests.

  • Two written tests will focus on the specialty courses chosen by the candidate.
  • A written philosophy test: for all, this choice corresponds to a French tradition and to the need to strengthen critical thinking in the training of the younger generations.
  • A 20-minute oral course prepared throughout the final cycle: knowing how to express yourself in correct French is essential for studies, personal and professional life. Because oral fluency is a social marker, it is precisely because it is important to offer all students the opportunity to acquire this skill. The oral test is based on the presentation of a project prepared by the student as early as the first grade.

Continuous assessment: 40% of the final grade 
Continuous assessment will be based on common tests held during the first and final years of high school.

Report cards will be taken into account for a limited part (10%) of the final grade in order to enhance the regularity of the student's work.

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