PINOCCHIO | Gr11 and 12 Option Theater

PINOCCHIO | Gr11 and 12 Option Theater

APRIL 14 at 6:30pm | Free admissions with RSVP | Available on LFSFlive

from a play by Joël POMMERAT Directed by Marguerite GUILBERT & Sophia LEMIEUX

In French 


Mateo, Noa, Louisa, Matteo, Julie, Marguerite, Roman, Lhassa, Sophia, Jules and Maguelone, all students in Gr11 and 12 who chose to study Theater as part of their educational journey, invite you to attend their show, Pinocchio, on APRIL 14 in the Theatre Erick Moreau of our Ortega campus.

The play

When the tree with the amazing wood falls in the storm, the poor and generous man decides to make a puppet out of it. Pinocchio is born. But he is a naive and cruel child, who dreams of a life as a prince.

After his "Little Red Riding Hood", Joël Pommerat revisits this other popular tale that raises questions on fatherhood, poverty and freedom.



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