Preschoolers Are Not Afraid of Heights

Preschoolers Are Not Afraid of Heights


Preschoolers climbing

The climbing wall on our ASH campus, has been a game-changer for our preschoolers and younger students overall. Every week, whether it be during PE class, or just for fun, they get to climb the wall and explore new heights.

Here's a quick rundown of the physical and cognitive benefits that a climbing wall provides in early childhood education.

Climbing is a full-body workout, which allows student to develop strength, coordination, and balance, all key motor skills for our little climbers.

The positive outcomes of climbing extend beyond the physical realm: climbing also teaches our kids to take risks and make quick decisions in a controlled setting, building problem-solving skills. When they conquer that wall, it's a confidence boost that contributes to their well-being at school and with friends.

Plus, climbing is like a teamwork boot camp which helps introduce them to collaboration and communication among themselves at such a young age. And it's not just play; it's an investment in our kids' future success and well-rounded growth. We're hoping that it might even spark a new passion in some of our students, and that they'll keep on climbing even in Middle School on our Ortega climbing wall!

The wall was made possible through fundraising from the 2018 Fund for the Future : Sports Enrichment, 2019 and 2020 Athlethons, and the Board of Trustees.

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