Quebec Global Learning Trip : Gr5's Educational Adventures!
Gr5 students in Quebec

Quebec Global Learning Trip

Gr5's Educational Adventures


Our Gr 5 students have already made great memories from their first days in Quebec!

Fully immersed in the French-speaking region of the country, they experienced learning outside the walls of the school.

Their first stop was the BIODOME in Montreal, where they marveled at the wildlife and plants; think sturgeons, parrots, tamarins, penguins, exotic frogs, and even touching icy walls in the polar ecosystem. It was hands-on learning at its best!

Their journey continued at the Museum of Archeology and History. The students were guided through the history of Montreal by docents, from its founders to its modern-day evolution. They explored old buildings' remnants and observed centuries-old artifacts, making history come alive in a fun and engaging way.

And to cap it off, the students and the teachers witnessed a stunning sunset together in Quebec's largest city! 

The Quebec Global Learning Trip is an immersive educational experience where students are not only making memories but also gaining essential language skills, cultural awareness of the country they're in, and a deeper understanding of its history. 

Here are some additional updates from our Gr5 students:

Day 3

On the third day, we stayed at the Auberge and took advantage of its surroundings.

First, we went on a hike in the woods. Along the trail, we got to learn a lot about the local ecosystem. We had the rare opportunity, for us San Franciscans, to admire the red, yellow, orange foliage of the fall. Some noticed the beautiful bed the moss and lichens were making on the ground.

After lunch, we went canoeing on the lake, that was a treat! We also  played a tag/role game “Survival Instinct” based on the food chain (herbivore, omnivore, carnivore…).

Day 4 or 5 depending on the group:

This was undoubtedly the most intense day of the stay, packed with lots of exciting, fun activities. We learned about the history of Quebec City in various ludic and interactive ways.

We started by touring the Château de Frontenac, visited the pink room where Roosevelt, Churchill and Canada's Prime Minister started planning Operation Overlord (D-Day). Then we took another step back in History, all the way to 1812. We learned about the Seven Years' War and did a little reenactment. Half the students playing the French army, the other half the British army.

We took full advantage of the sunny day and had lunch in the park on the Plains of Abraham. We went to the top of the Observatory Tower to enjoy the 360º views of the city. Then we went back down to do some shopping. The students loved it.

Day 4 or 5 depending on the group:

We visited the Eco-museum of Wendake, in the village of the Huron-Wendat people. They lived in large communities and were semi-sedentary, meaning they were moving to a new settlement on average every 25 years. The move was driven by agricultural need and search for new ground.

For lunch, we had the opportunity to try a local specialty: the Poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy). We then went to the Circus School and had the opportunity to burn some of the calories gained during lunch. It was a wonderful afternoon! We took turns trying out ten different workshops with multiple activities each: Trapeze, juggling, unicycle, balance beams, trampoline... We are now almost ready for the Cirque du Soleil.

We came back tired but full of great memories, it was Great! Afterward we all watched a movie.

We are having lots of fun and enjoying the place and the activities. We are becoming more autonomous, exchanging with students from the other campus and making new friendships.

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