Recap of La Semaine Du Goût 2023!

Recap of La Semaine Du Goût 2023!


Did you know? Last week was La Semaine du Goût (Taste Week) on our beautiful Sausalito campus!

This annual event allows our students to awaken their taste buds and open their senses to new flavors. To achieve this, several activities were organized:

A taste test where students were invited to try out new and well known foods, all while wearing a blindfold. Afterwards, students were asked to categorize each element as sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. They loved participating in activities that allowed them to explore flavors while having fun and awakening their curiosity.

After the theory comes the practice! This year, once again, our amazing parents volunteered to teach our young apprentices the art of cooking. From chocolate truffles and bread to candy apples, tomato tart, and popcorn – all our students had so much fun learning!  Mastering the various culinary tasks was a piece of cake for them!

After taking off their chef hats, our young cooks got to savor their dishes; not a crumb was left on the plate.

Here's a recap video of this successful Semaine du Goût. A big thank you to our amazing teachers and volunteer parents for giving our little chefs the opportunity to experience food in the best of ways!


During the event, members of the Agricultural Institute of Marin came in person to the Elementary School to raise the students' awareness of the importance of food and farming system which can be environmentally beneficial, economically viable, and socially just. In order to do so, they explained the differences between fruits and vegetables through fun games. 

Find out more in this video:

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