SPEAKER SERIES | Bernie KRAUSE + Vincent TRICON | A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra


Bernie KRAUSE + Vincent TRICON

A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra

SEPT 27 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Movie projection + speakers' intervention + Q&A



Filmmaker Vincent TRICON and soundscape ecologist Bernie KRAUSE will present the documentary "A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra", next Wednesday at LFSF. 

161 students from Gr9 to 12 as well as interested families will attend this special event.

Composed of unpublished archival footage and interviews filmed in California in 2021, the documentary follows Krause through Sonoma County, where he lives with his wife Katherine. Snippets of Krause’s collected soundscapes examined in the film reveal that within any ecosystem, each species has its own acoustic niche and human activities are increasingly silencing these great animal orchestras.

The film, produced by the Fondation Cartier, positions Krause as a brilliant figure who contemplates the natural world as a poet. A Life, much like The Great Animal Orchestra is at once an ode and an elegy – a celebration of sonic splendor and a solemn plea for change. On October 9, 2017, Krause and his wife lost everything to one of Northern California’s devastating wildfires. Their home, Wild Sanctuary, and all of their worldly possessions were destroyed, including countless recordings and field notebooks that represented 50 years of Krause’s work on the ground. Footage of the couple visiting what barely remains of Wild Sanctuary serve as a chilling, personal account of the ruinous destruction caused by climate change, a poetic injustice suffered by a couple whose life’s work has been devoted to preservation.

The Villa Albertine and the French Consulate General of France in SF are partners of this event.



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