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Speaker Series

Natterson and Bennett Explain Modern Puberty 

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Join us on NOV 15, at 07PM in the LFSF Theater for an event featuring two prominent voices in the field of puberty and adolescence. We're thrilled to present the Speaker Series based on their latest book, "This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained."

Pediatrician and New York Times best-selling author Cara NATTERSON, MD, and writer and puberty educator Vanessa KROLL BENNETT co-host the wildly popular Puberty Podcast and run Order of Magnitude, the first company dedicated to flipping puberty positive. They wrote a handbook about modern puberty, reframing this universal stage of life that has more than doubled in length: what used to be a 3-4 year sprint now starts much earlier, lasts nearly a decade, and happens with a smartphone in hand.

About our speakers

  • Cara Natterson is a pediatrician, a prominent figure in puberty and adolescent health, bestselling author, and podcast host. She graduated from Harvard and Johns Hopkins Medical School and co-hosts a podcast with Vanessa Kroll Bennett, where they discuss all things puberty on Instagram and TikTok. When her own children reached puberty, she founded a company to address the lack of puberty-related products and content for both genders.
  • Vanessa Kroll Bennett is a puberty expert, writer, and co-author of "This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained." She also co-hosts The Puberty Podcast and shares information on puberty through social media. Vanessa is the founder of Dynamo Girl, a company focused on self-esteem and puberty education for kids.

Vanessa and Cara are known to be relatable and entertaining as they explain the science of puberty, how this phase of life has changed, and how to talk about all of it with tweens and teens. They will cover a broad swath of important health and safety topics – never catastrophizing, always offering suggestions and solutions.

We expect this event to provide an overview of:

-  Relatable advice about how to talk to kids about almost anything: acne, body odor, growth spurts, eating disorders, mood swings, sexuality, and more.

-  Science-based explanations for all of puberty’s physical, emotional, and social changes, including the many ways hormones affect kids, both above and below the neck.

-  The fundamentals adults need to know about todays’ teen culture: their mental health drivers, the ungendering of body image issues, the ways they think about sexual orientation, and more.

As an appetizer, we invite you to discover their Ten Slighlty Shocking Facts About Modern Puberty and to listen to their awesome podcast

Join us for this informative event, and together, let's navigate the complexities of modern puberty with insight and understanding. We look forward to seeing you there!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Anne Bargiacchi, LFSF wellness coordinator.


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