Start'Up Lycee 2021 | Food for good: transforming food into a vehicle for change

Each year Start'Up Lycee, a required group project based program, is organized at the LFSF to introduce Gr 10 students to the process of a startup launch.

As an integral part of the curriculum in Economics and Social Sciences (SES), Start'Up Lycee is an opportunity for students to expand the skills acquired during the school year (research, written argumentation, oral presentation "pitching") and propose their own solutions to a contemporary issue. This is a chance for them to practice their skills in a practical way, and to prepare for their higher education and eventually for their professional future. 

This year, the theme is "Food for good : Transforming food into a vehicle for change". Students will have to identify a problem for which they will have to find solutions which create jobs, stimulate the economies, reimagine supply chains, and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030. 

Start’Up Lycee 2021 kicked off online on  JAN 14 2021 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Students were introduced to the startup environment and started imagining their project. Teams were coached by professionals (including LFSF Parents) from the Silicon Valley. 

The following two days took also place online and student had the occasion to develop a product (a good, a service, an app...) that makes positions itself against its competitors and develop their business plan.


We're very proud of all students as they managed to create and pitch their project despite the short amount of time given and the challenges of working physically away from each other!


We are very happy to share the winning teams of the 2021 edition of StartUp Lycée! Congratulations to the winning team and all the participants!

1st place:

Project name: Simply Seaweed  


  • Hana PARTOVI Partovi (2C)
  • Madeleine DE BELLOY (2C)
  • Nicolas FAWZI (2C) 
  • Pierre QUEREUIL (2C)
  • Eden PATRON (2A)

2nd place:

Project name: My Body and Me


  • Teia CANINI (2C)
  • Ambre DOREY (2A)
  • Salomé OPPENHEIM (2A)
  • Eva-Marie GERRA (2C)
  • Eva KRYLOV (2B)

3rd place: 

Project name: Rebirth


  • Noa AZOULAY (2B)
  • Sophie FAUSTINELLI (2B)
  • Adriana HERNANDEZ (2B)
  • Elizabeth GOLTSER (2B)


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