Start'Up Lycée 2024 | Sustainability

Start'Up Lycée 2024 | Sustainability



Start'Up Lycée, an annual competition organized by the LFSF, is designed to familiarize Gr10 students with the launching of a startup.

Integrated within the Economics and Social Sciences (SES) curriculum, Start'Up Lycée offers students a platform to enhance skills acquired throughout the academic year, such as research, persuasive writing, and presentation or 'pitching'. The aim of this competition is to have our student working together in groups of 4, to find their own innovative solutions to already existing problems.

This year, our students were lucky to be able to spend the three full days of the competition in the Microsoft offices, in order to fully immerse themselves

This year's theme? Sustainability!

Our students were tasked with imagining, designing, and building a startup along with its business plan, aiming to convince the jury that their idea is the most impactful in addressing global challenges.

Watch this video to find out the winners of the Microsoft edition of Start'Up Lycée! 

And find out more about the Winning Team 



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