Student Assemblies, back in action

Student Assemblies, back in action

in Middle and High School


The first student assemblies of the year happened on Tuesday morning on the Ortega campus. Middle School students, followed by High Schoolers, gathered to talk about the year ahead. Sophia and Morgan, followed by Lena and Anthony, emceed both events!

They presented the school’s wide range of opportunities for students to get involved, including clubs, sports, and other activities… There's something for everyone interested in pursuing their passions.  Different programs were also presented to give students more responsibility and to be more involved in the school community, such as the buddy system, in which student volunteers assist in the smooth integration of new students into the school. 

Later, the Eco-Delegates were introduced to the stage. The theme of the year is sustainable development and their first action has been to include a plant into each classroom to improve air quality and student focus. Every Monday morning, the 'Green Brigades' of volunteer students will be responsible for watering them, and will take that opportunity to check on energy-saving measures (lights, video projectors, etc.) and ensure that everything is being properly recycled.

Finally, the academic excellence of our students took center stage. Gr10 students were awarded their DNB (Brevet) diplomas. And Gr12 students were recognized for their outstanding results on their PSATs tests. 

  • Isabella* was announced as National Merit Semifinalist : of the 1.3 million students who took the PSAT in 2022, Isabella was in the top 1% of students who were commended and moved to the semi-finalist round in the competition.  This program honors individual students who show exceptional academic ability and potential for success in rigorous college studies. 

  • Alban, Madeleine, Charles, Sasha, Rebecca, Jules were commended and among the top 3% of scorers in the United States.

A brilliant short film noir, created by students in the Cinema Audiovisual Option, concluded the event, acclaimed by their peers.

As a final note, students observed a minute of silence in solidarity with Morocco following the recent tragic earthquake that struck the country. In a show of support, the college counseling department has chosen to organize their annual Service Learning Trip to Morocco, where student volunteers will participate in projects aimed at assisting local communities.

These student centered assemblies are powerful tools for creating a well-rounded and supportive educational environment. They offer opportunities for education, inspiration, communication, and community building, re-enforcing our school values and ultimately contributing to the holistic development of our students.

*Students last names are kept out of public publications to protect their privacy

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