LFSF Students Engaged in Environmental Protection

LFSF Students Engaged in Environmental Protection


This week, our students took advantage of the radiant California sun and walked from the Ortega and Ashbury campuses to the beach for a responsible clean up. Much more than a clean-up, this activity highlighted the importance of environmental responsibility today, especially in the world our students will inherit from us.


Gr6 Beach Cleaning:

LFSF Beach clean up

As our high school students dive into the intense period of exams, the sixth graders have dedicated a half-day to protecting our environment. Equipped with trash bags and gloves, they collected litter and abandoned objects, thus actively preserving the marine ecosystem. After the effort came the reward: the students shared a picnic on the sand, strengthening their bonds of friendship while enjoying the natural beauty surrounding them.  Proud of their efforts and aware of the positive impact of their actions, the young students returned to school enriched with a sense of accomplishment and an increased understanding of the positive influence they can exert on the world. 

ASH K to Gr5 - Beach Clean Up


A warm sun shone down upon Kindergartners and 5th graders as we picked up all the litter we could at Ocean Beach! With the help of Vince from Refuse Refuse, we used trash picker uppers and wide mouth sacks attached to hula hoops to pick up plastic bottles, discarded clothing, and bbq trays amongst other litter. Afterwards, we played beach games, tested our kites and built sand castles before finally indulging in a picnic lunch. We are grateful to a large turn out of parent volunteers, which afforded us the luxury of spreading out far along the beach! For more information on monthly beach and neighborhood clean ups, in which anyone and everyone are welcome to participate, please go to: www.refuserefusesf.org


These initiatives carry even greater resonance this year at LFSF under the theme of sustainability, highlighting the crucial importance of incorporating environmental education into the school curriculum in order to shape a caring and dedicated generation...

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