TLF Inauguration: a beautiful evening

TLF Inauguration, a beautiful evening

What a beautiful event we had tonight to celebrate the inauguration of the new and renovated TLF!

The auditorium was full to witness and share this special moment, in good company. Frederic PATTO, our Artistic Director was a dynamic and talented MC. Our Head of school, Emmanuel TEXIER and the president of our Board of Trustees, Eric MOREAU were met by prestigious guests : Katy TANG from the SF Board of Supervisors, and Emmanuel LEBRUN-DAMIENS, Consul of France in SF.

The evening was rich in performances from our students, tactfully interspersed with speeches and messages - Jean-Michel BLANQUER, French Minister of National Education ; Christophe BOUCHARD, Director of the AEFE and Roland LESCURE who represents French citzens from North America at the French National Assembly.

The evening was filled with energy, talent, emotion and ambition. It concluded with the ribbon cutting tradition and the cheerful pop of French Champagne of course !

The event's full video:

The event in the news:

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