The local reference in terms of bilingual education

Providing Bay Area families with a high quality bilingual education, that’s our mission at LFSF! For over 50 years, LFSF has been leading the way in terms of multilingual education, and is the largest French American program in Northern California with an American  international section from Gr1 to High School.

That's know-how you can trust!

The LFSF's signature program, strategically focused on languages and the cultures associated with them, naturally gives our young graduates a real international experience and dimension.

The unique education and the personalized attention they received enable them to brilliantly pass exams such as the French Baccalaureate that marks the end of High School. In 2019, LFSF was proud to announce 100% success once again, including 84% of honors. In 2021, the pandemic did not manage to tarnish these results and our Class of 2021 made us very proud.

It is important to note that these exceptional results are not only achieved by French children. The LFSF community is very diverse. Lillian, for example, started her LFSF journey in Kindergarten, but had no French at home. Lilian is not an exception but it is the significant percentage of native French speakers that allows all of our students to become truly bilingual and bicultural.

LFSF students can put forward an interesting, unique and particularly attractive profile for the most prestigious international universities. North America remains the leading destination with 50 to 60% of seniors choosing the remain in the U.S., followed by Europe (mostly France) and Canada. For them, LFSF opens a world of opportunities.


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