Our Bay Area School Campuses

LFSF is present on three campuses in the Bay Area. Two of our campuses are located in San Francisco and one in Marin.

While access to our campuses is still restricted, we are pleased to offer you a virtual tour, where you will have a good idea of what our campuses look like in real!



Our campus on Sausalito welcomes students from age 2 (at La Petite Ecole) to students in Gr5.

610 Coloma Street, Sausalito, CA 94965

(415) 661-5232

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This primary campus is located in the heart of San Francisco and welcomes students from age 2 (at La Petite Ecole) to students in Gr5.

755 Ashbury Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 661-5232

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The Ortega campus, located in San Francisco, is our secondary campus welcoming students from Gr6 to Gr12.

1201 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122.

(415) 661-5232

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The Land We Are On

LFSF is a school where we value curiosity, respect, empathy, and excellence. Our community embraces many languages and cultures, making every story important. Our campuses are on the land that originally belonged to the Ramaytush (rah-my-toosh) Ohlone people. These indigenous people have a long history here, but their lives were greatly affected by Spanish settlers.

Over generations, various indigenous communities have lived on and moved through this land. Today, people from different indigenous nations still call this area home. We recognize that we're now a part of this history too. We've inherited this land and with that comes a duty to protect and preserve it for the future. We acknowledge the rights of the Ramaytush Ohlone people as the original inhabitants, and we're committed to speaking up, taking action, and caring for this precious land, which we're now responsible for.

Native People are still here! 

Settler-colonialism has historically pushed the idea that Native people are extinct (and therefore no longer have a claim to occupied lands) but Native people are still here, resilient, and thriving in community!  

Explore more through these resources for kids and adults:

Native TV, Film and Music to Engage Children

The campus is beautifully maintained and the children thrive. We love the open space and being surrounded by nature.
LFSF @SAU parent
It’s a bright attractive school with a tight knit community. We love the French immersion aspect and our child enjoys it!
LFSF @ASH parent

The Libraries on our campuses


Each of our primary campus has a library rich of many books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs in French and English. It's a place that students visit each week during class time and that is open to LFSF parents after school on selected days.

Book fairs are held during the school year to provide easy access to parents to a curated selection of children books in French and in English. 

Twice a year, we welcome authors in residence who are professionals in children literature (story teller, illustrators,...) who come to work on special projects with students. It's a great way for children to explore books and stories differently.


middle school + high SCHOOL 

In the library, thousands of books, magazines, newspapers and computers are available for students, teachers and staff. Students can go there freely during the breaks, at lunch and after class. They can also use this space during projects with their class.

Library's catalog

Please note that the individual authentication is not available to students.

The school offers an access to the Overdrive catalogue (books and audiobooks in English)