Financial Aid

At LFSF, we believe that the greatest investment a family can make is in the education of its children.

Our school is truly committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive student body by making education opportunities available to students through financial aid. 

LFSF grants school scholarships on tuition fees.

Deadline to apply for 2019-2020 

  • December 15th 2018  for re-enrollments, including families who apply for financial aid for the first time and siblings arriving in 2019-2020
  • January 13th 2019 for a new enrollment at LFSF

French families should apply for French Government Scholarship (AEFE) through the French consulate.

Deadline to apply for 2019-2020 

  • March 1st 2019
  • September 20th 2019 for families arriving in the US after March 


LFSF School Aid

Every year, the Lycée Français de San Francisco allocates a certain amount of its budget to school financial. You are encouraged to apply if you believe that your resources are inadequate to meet tuition costs.

Financial aid is granted to children attending Pre-School to 12th grade (there is no aid for La Petite Ecole), without regard to race, color, religious affiliation, national origin or ethnicity. Financial Aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions.


  • December 15th 2018 for re-enrollments, including families who apply for financial aid for the first time and siblings arriving in 2019-2020
  • January 13th 2019 for a new enrollment at LFSF

financial need ASSESSMENT and decision

The Lycée uses SSS by NAIS (School and Student Service for Financial Aid) to determine a family’s need.  All requests for aid are strictly confidential.
SSS will process your application when complete; and can if necessary ask you for more information. It is important to check all your emails from both SSS and our services. Incomplete files may be subject to delays or rejection.

After reviewing applications and documents, the LFSF Scholarship Committee makes the scholarship decisions. By submitting your application and all required documents by the deadline indicated above, you allow us to inform you of the Committee’s decision at the same time as the Admission decisions.  

Please note:  French families who qualify for a French Government scholarship (AEFE) must also apply with the consulate in February 2019. We encourage you to visit the French Consulate’s website to determine your potential level of financial aid. The school scholarship will be estimated and contingent upon applying for the AEFE Scholarship. Note that based on the French Government aid attributed in June, your school scholarship may be adjusted.

Application procedures

The PFS is a comprehensive online application that will take some time to complete. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until the deadline to begin. We also recommend that you review the wide range of materials that SSS has put together to help families with the financial aid process.

Key information you need to know as you complete the PFS:

  • Our school’s full name:  Lycée Français de San Francisco
  • Our school’s SSS code:  1907

To begin a financial aid application for the 2018-19 school year, families should follow the steps below:

  • Go to the SSS portal and create your account.
    If you applied for financial aid last year, simply login to the PFS Online as a Returning Family, using the email address and password you set up last year.
  • Begin a PFS for Academic Year 2019-2020. You can log out of the PFS at any time, then return later to complete it.
  • After submitting your PFS, you will be brought to a payment screen. The fee of $51 is non refundable.
  • After submitting your PFS, you will have access to a section called “My Documents.” You can upload all the documents we require there. (See list below)

PLEASE NOTE: For divorced or separated families, the school expects both natural parents to contribute to the cost of education to the extent of their ability. SSS considers divorced parents living apart to be separate households, and as such, each parent should complete a separate PFS and upload all required documents. If the student lives with a step parent, the step parent must be included in the application and his/her documents must be uploaded.

How to submit required documents online: 

  • Documents can be saved in any of the following file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe pdf, .jpg, .gif, or .tif.
  • Remove any password protection from your PDFs. Name your documents according to their description prior to uploading. (eg: W2 Parent A, Letter, Bank Statements, medical bills….)
  • Return to the PFS Online, login and select the Academic Year 2019-2020 button.
  • From your PFS Online Dashboard, click on the “My Documents” tab.
  • Click on the "My Documents" section of the PFS. Clicking the upload button  will lead you through a series of steps allowing you to upload the file.
  • To upload additional documents required by LFSF (see list below) use the section “additional documents” at the bottom of the page.

For a step-by-step instructions open the “Parents’ Financial Statement Workbook and instruction Booklet”


Families must upload all documents that apply to their situation. SSS or our services may ask you for additional documentation according to your family and financial situation. Incomplete files may be subject to delays or rejection.

For all families

  • Letter of request. We advise you to use our template.
  • 3 months of recent bank statements (including foreign accounts)
  • Medical, unusual expenses and debt invoices if you have imputed such amounts in your PFS

If you received income in the US

  • Both parents’ latest 2018 pay stub
    If you had multiple jobs upload all pay stubs
  • 2017 Tax Return - form 1040 with all schedules
  • All 1099 forms for 2017 (Income, unemployment, interest, dividend etc. ….)
  • If you are salaried :
    • All 2017 W2s
  • If you are self-employed :
    • Sole Proprietorship: 2017 Schedule C
    • Partnership: 2017  K1 and 1065
    • S-corporations: 2017  K1 and 1120S

If your taxes, W2 & 1099s are on your 18-19 application you do not have to upload them again

If you received income in a foreign country

  • Both parents’ latest 2018 pay stub
    If you had multiple jobs upload all pay stubs
  • 2017 Foreign Tax Return 

If you recently lost your employment

  • Date of unemployment and letter of termination

If you are divorced / separated / remarried

  • If the student lives with a step parent, the step parent must be included in the application and his/her documents must be uploaded
  • If only one parent pays for the tuition fees, provide a document demonstrating the financial responsibility
  • Divorce decree ; highlight all information concerning tuition payments, alimony and child support

If a parent or the child is a French citizen: Verify your eligibility for a French Government scholarship
Indicate in your letter of request:

  • If you plan on applying for a government scholarship in February 2019
  • If you think you are not eligible please explain why. 
  • If you arrive in the US after March 2019, add the date of arrival in your letter. You will have to apply for a government scholarship in September 2019.


The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to request additional information.
Families in need of financial help must reapply each year.

Aid from the French Government

French families may apply for a French Government Scholarship at the French Consulate of San Francisco.  
Families who apply for a school scholarship and are admissible for a Government scholarship must prepare an application for the consulate.
We encourage you to visit the French Consulate’s website to estimate your potential level of scholarship.

Exclusion thresholds 2019-2020 :
Home Equity * : 250 000 € ≈ $ 290,000
Savings **: 100 000 € ≈  $ 116,000
* Home equity is purchase price (not home value) less loan balance.
** Pension plans (401k-type) and investissements are taken into account in the estimation.

If you are not admissible but have special circumstances you could be considered for an exception, you may contact the consulate directly.

Deadline to Apply

  • March 1st 2019 for families currently living in the US renewing their application and families for whom it is the first request. 
  • September 20th 2019 for families arriving in the US after March 2019, families requesting a review of their file and in some cases for families whom could not apply in February.  

If you are not sure you can apply for the second commission or missed the deadline contact the consulate directly:

Application PROCeDURES

Application forms and a list of required documents are available on the French Consulate’s website and at the reception desk of each campus. All required accompanying documents must be included with the application. 

Important information about the 2018 tax form reform. 

submission of your application

Before being submitted to the consulate your full application must be stamped and signed by the Business Office Department by appointment only before February 27th. 

 A reference guide is available here to fill up the application.

FIRST TIME APPLICANTS: Completed applications must be submitted to the French Consulate, by appointment only.

RENEWING APPLICANTS: Completed applications may be dropped off at the French Consulate’s on business days between 9:00am and 12:30 pm, or by appointment, or they can be mailed to:  Consulat Général de France à San Francisco 88 Kearny Street Suite 600 San Francisco CA 94108. Mailed applications must be sent early enough to be delivered before the deadline.


The results will be communicated by the French Consulate at the end of June 2019 for requests made in February, and in December 2019 for requests made in September. Rejections may be appealed. 

Please note:  You will need to enroll your child(ren) prior to obtaining the results of your French Government Scholarship application in order to secure a space in their respective grade level.

Scholarship applications must be renewed every year.

For more information on French Government financial aid applications, please visit the website of the Agence Française pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger. 

Seona Herail Scholarship

The Seona Herail Scholarship is a merit scholarship granted by the Lycée, upon recommendation from a pedagogical committee, to a high school student (9th to 12th Grade) who does not benefit from any other financial aid. This is a four year scholarship for 25% of a full tuition, renewed annually as long as the student remains eligible. Financial documents may be requested from the parents of the scholarship recipient.

Outside Financial Aid

A number of programs in the Bay Area provide scholarships to assist in paying private school tuition. We recommend you conduct your own search for available resources. You may also want to consult the following websites:

The Basic Fund 
(415) 986-5650 | 
K to 8th

K-12 Family Education Loan

Our families have access to the Sallie Mae’s K12 Family Education Loan Program.

To apply visit:

Use School code: 609458-00

529 Saving Plans

Starting in 2018, qualified educational expenses for 529 plans will include up to $10,000 a year in tuition and expenses for primary and secondary school expenses. Contact your 529 saving plan administrator for more information.


For new families, contact:

For all other question, contact:


Frequently asked questions

Can I apply after the deadlines?

If you wish to apply for financial aid but missed the deadlines, please contact

Will applying for financial aid affect my child's chances for admission?

No. Admission decisions and financial aid assessments are made independently.

Who may apply for financial aid?

LFSF grants awards to students enrolled in Preschool through Grade 12. La Petite Ecole students are not eligible. We strongly encourage all families, new and current, to apply for financial aid if they believe aid is needed in the upcoming school year.

What are the exclusion thresholds for the AEFE scholarship?

Home Equity : $ 294,000
Home equity = purchased price – loan balance
Savings : $ 118,000
Includes pension plans  

Will my child's financial aid award change from year to year?

Yes. Financial need and awards are recalculated every year using current information. 

Are there any special requirements for students who receive financial aid?

No. All students are expected to maintain solid academic and personal standing within our school community.

Does LFSF offer merit scholarships?

No. School Financial awards are solely based on a family’s demonstrated need. However, high school students (Gr9 through 12) can be considered for the Seona Herail Scholarship which is a merit scholarship granted upon recommendation from a pedagogical committee.