Financial Aid

At LFSF, we believe education is the greatest investment a family can make

Our school is truly committed to nurturing a socio-economically diverse and inclusive student community by making all of LFSF unique educational opportunities available to students through financial aid. Year after year, our program grows to ensure that every student be able to benefit from an LFSF education. 

About 24% of LFSF students receive financial aid


Is the percentage of LFSF students who received financial aid in 2022- 2023. Is it a focus of our school to work with families and make LFSF affordable to them.

Over 87% of aid is funded by LFSF

Over 87% is LFSF funded

For 2022-23 school year, the total aid to families represented $3.2M of which $2.8M* were funded by LFSF and the remainder by the French Government.

Every year, four students receive merit-based scholarship

4 is the number of

Students benefitting from the merit-based Seona Herail scholarship that rewards an incoming HS freshman for 25% of tuition, distributed over the 4 years of HS.


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