Applying to LFSF

Meet Nathalie (Associate), Alain (Associate) and Mireille (Director) who are dedicated to helping each family discover our international school and bilingual programs. They bring personalized attention to every story eager to find the right fit!

Welcome to the Admissions Office !

There are many good options for you to choose from when it comes to education in the San Francisco Bay Area. Choosing a private school, a bilingual program and an international community is a strategic and deliberate process that we congratulate you for starting now. 

Our team will be there all the way to guide you, answer your questions and help you in making the right choice for your child and your family.  

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LFSF J'ADORE, the series

Discover the video series that tells the many (love) stories of our community. Each is different, yet all express a common appreciation for our school and its community.


EASY AS 1•2•3

AT LFSF the bilingual journey starts as early as age 1 with Happy play classes, followed by La Petite Ecole, where from the age of 2, students are gently prepared to transition to the LFSF Preschool.


Coloring and story telling is an essential part of our preschool curriculum. Our coloring book will introduce your child to bilingualism. Order your free copy today and listen to our students read it for you!



"From a very young age, we give children the opportunity to create, try, reproduce, invent, transform... They receive the gift of bilingualism at the time their brain is the most flexible. They explore literature, music, movement, math, art in both French and English. 

I have been teaching at the LFSF for over 15 years, and what continues to impress me the most, is the joy and pride in the children's eyes when they admire their creations."


Julien PINOL | Preschool teacher


"Pedagogical innovation, creativity, confidence and high standards characterize my teaching. Oral expression has a central place in my classes because I am convinced that it favors interaction between students and gives them the means to be at the heart of the learning process. I embark daily, with a renewed enthusiasm, on the human adventure of helping my students understand the world through literature and the practice of French. The conditions at the LFSF are exceptional for both children and adults. This educational community makes this emulation possible."

Zahra RAGHIB | French Teacher 

lfsf HIGH

"My name is Fanny Augé and I have been teaching History and Geography in Middle and High School at LFSF for 3 years. The community is so welcoming and vibrant with colleagues, families and students from different backgrounds and stories. 

I have had many opportunities to work on inspiring projects with my students! Watching them grow and thrive is such a reward! "


Fanny AUGE | History + Geography Teacher