New Programs

We recently launched our FLI program: an exciting immersion program allowing non ( or not fully) francophone children, from Grade 1 through 5, to benefit from our unique education.

This year, we are re-opening our very successful Petite Ecole that welcomes very young children in a complete, part-time immersion program. As soon as age 2, children can grow, develop confidence, and gently learn to become students in two languages.

LA petite Ecole

The main objective of the Petite Ecole is socialization. This class allows children to discover the world of school and socialize while developing language skills. This class is the ideal preparation for a gentle and natural transition into Petite Section.

La Petite Ecole (LPE) follows a curriculum that naturally and gently prepares children to enter our full time Maternelle. At La Petite Ecole, children play and learn together, socialize and interact while immersing themselves in the French language. They explore the spoken language as well as all forms of communication: body language, comedy and artistic expression... They develop gross and fine motor skills. They learn to think and organize their thoughts, while exploring the world around them. Fun educative projects pave the way for the implementation of a solid foundation of learning, generously integrating artistic activities, in a friendly French environment. The class is led by a French teacher and an assistant teacher.


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HOW to learn more?

Make sure to contact us to learn more about these programs, and visit our Sausalito campus. We are here to help!


Our French Language Immersion Program for non-francophone students at an elementary school level (1st through 5th grades), on our Sausalito campus.

An adapted curriculum opens a special gateway to our school to carefully selected students.

The objective of this program is to allow students who did not attend our Maternelle program to have the opportunity to join LFSF at the Elementary School.


Where to find these programs?

Both the FLi program and la Petite Ecole are only currently available on our Sausalito campus, at 610 Coloma Street.

Summer CAmpS

LFSF summer camps can be a great way for your child to refresh or get acquainted with the French language and discover our school, in a very fun setting!

Info & Registration: June-August - Slots Open & Available to Public

contact our AES department FOR MORE INFORMATION