Since 1967, Lycée Français de San Francisco prides itself on presenting students with quality teaching. Every student, no matter the generation, has the opportunity to impact and improve today’s world with their knowledge and education. LFSF is proud of its alumni who are achieving their goals all over the world.

Established in 1996, the Lycée Français de San Francisco Alumni Association today has over 1,400 alumni on file with its first alumni from the graduating Class of 1977. We are in contact through mail, email, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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The mission is to celebrate the life-long impact upon former students of a Lycée Français de San Francisco education.

Former students can partner in the vision and mission of the LFSF in meaningful ways.

Each year, the Advancement Department sponsors various events for alumni and students. Events include Alumni dinners in San Francisco, Paris, and Montreal.

If you would like to get involved, Please contact Nathalie Hautavoine, Director of Advancement, or 415.213.7722


There are numerous ways to stay connected with the LFSF. To get started, you may want to:

  • Update your contact information. Enter class notes, news about you, and upload pictures.
  • Volunteer to be an active member of the Alumni Association to organize class alumni gatherings in your region.
  • Attend alumni reunions and school events
  • Volunteer to share your experience and expertise in a career forum or as a special speaker to our students and at school events.
  • Follow the Lycee via LinkedIn and register as an LFSF Alumni. 
  • Join LFSF facebook networks : LFSF and LFSF Alumni.
  • Become an advocate for the school among friends and at work.
  • include the LFSF in your charitable giving by being a regular supporter of the Annual Fund.

Alumni Interview

LFSF Alumna Shares Healthcare Knowledge

Cecile Monteil, LFSF 2001 Alumna, shared her knowledge as a guest panelist of Reset Everything's digital conference on April 29th. Cecile provided insightful information from her first-hand experiences as a doctor working the frontlines of Paris hospitals during the pandemic.
If you'd like to hear Cecile's insights and support an LFSF Alumna, you can tune into her and other conference panelists via Youtube.

Agnieszka Perche, class of 2009

Agnieszka Perche, class of 2009, attended the LFSF from 1 st  to 12 th  grade, literature section. She is a Junior Specialist at Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Appraisers in New York City.

LFSF: What is Bonhams? Can you explain what a Junior Specialist is?

Bonhams is an international auction house, like Sotheby’s or Christie’s, that sells works of art and collectibles from a variety of departments ranging from fine art to jewelry, design and even cars!

Currently, I am a Junior Specialist in the Impressionist & Modern Art Department. My responsibility is to do all the research on works of art to ensure their authenticity before including them in an auction in either London or New York.

LFSF: What is the most exciting for you there? traveling, researching, training to be an auctioneer?

Our auctions in New York happen every six months, so we work on a seasonal basis. We travel to collectors’ homes to find paintings, research and then prepare an auction catalog for the exhibition that happens right before the sale. I must admit that every part is very exciting! Whether traveling, handling the works, researching, or meeting new collectors, there is always a unique discovery that will make your auction stand out. Last year, for example, we found a very rare cut-out by Henri Matisse that was thought to be lost. It turned out, that not only it wasn’t lost, it was in perfect condition hanging in a private collection since 1968! It was a privilege to work to so closely with such an emblematic piece by the artist.

LFSF: How did you find that position?

After getting my Bachelor in Art History from McGill, I did a series of internships in Paris and London at both Sotheby’s and Bonhams. When I moved to New York, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in the Impressionist & Modern department and continue working with the same team I worked with in London. 

LFSF: How do you see yourself in a few years?

I hope to continue growing within the department and becoming a Senior Specialist. The benefit of this field is that it is endless with always something to learn and discover.

LFSF: When at LFSF, you were studying literature and languages, has it helped you in your career?

Studying literature and languages at LFSF definitely helped in my career. I speak five languages three of which I studied at the Lycée and now use on a daily basis at work.

LFSF: Can you tell us what LFSF brought to you, not only in your work but in your life generally speaking.

I would say LFSF has brought a strong sense of community. I moved around since 2009 and have never ended up in a city without a friend or two that also attended LFSF.

Senior Series

Lilia Leroy Bell - Senior series - Class of 2019
Emilie Ribo - Senior Series - Class of 2019 Video

Alumni Message

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a way for alumni to enhance the education offered to students of LFSF to support, innovate and create learning opportunities.

Why Give back to your school?

Because of the impact the Lycée de San Francisco had on your education, career and life!

Because in your turn you want to help today's LFSF students just like others helped you when you were at Lycée Français de San Francisco. Contributing to the Annual Fund at any dollar amount, is simply a small but very meaningful way to say thank you and keep the LFSF tradition alive.


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