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The LFSF app provides our parents, students, and faculty members with all the information they need in one place, conveniently accessed and formatted specifically for their mobile devices.

The app's intuitive, tab-based navigation provides the same content LFSF is already creating for its website, including:

  • Pertinent news and announcements
  • School documents and policies
  • Calendar events
  • Faculty and staff directory
  • Direct links to school apps and media partners

Download the app today to ensure you are always in the loop with of most important news, announcements and calendar events.

Users are able to:

  • Filter content and store preferences for subsequent use
  • Catch up on current news
  • Review athletic event details, including opponents and game results
  • Browse calendars for information about upcoming events as well as filter calendars based on their interests.
  • Quickly identify and contact faculty or staff
  • Find links and be redirected to LFSF’s various social media partners

The information presented in the LFSF app is drawn from the same source as the LFSF secured website where rigorous privacy controls ensure that sensitive information is restricted only to authorized users.