Celebrating Diversity • Practicing Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values of the Lycée Français de San Francisco. By joining LFSF, members of the community commit to embrace and respect the diversity of our students, teachers and families. Our community is made up of people of many ancestries, races, colors, religions, gender identities, family structures, disabilities, sexual orientations, learning difficulties and socio economic backgrounds. Actively embracing these differences makes our school vibrant and inclusive.

Diversity of thought 

Exposure to diverse cultures, origins, political systems, and languages within our program fulfills our mission of global citizenship.

Ethnic and national diversity:

LFSF students represent more than 71 ethnicities and nationalities from throughout the Bay Area and abroad.

Socioeconomic diversity:

30% of our students receive some form of financial assistance. Maintaining socioeconomic diversity is a priority for LFSF.

In addition to external financial assistance provided by the French Ministry of Education to families in need, LFSF administers its own financial aid program for selected students based on need.

Cultural and language diversity:

Students often speak 1 or 2 languages upon entering the school and graduate with fluency in at least 3 languages, with most fluent in 4 or 5 languages. All students begin studying a third language in Grade 6 and carry it through Grade 12. Students also have the option of starting Latin in middle school and continuing as a fourth language in high school.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values at the  LFSF. Actively embracing our differences makes our school vibrant and inclusive.

Creating equity and opportunity for all is a continual process. Every individual faces challenges and has unique strengths. When conflict or misunderstandings arise, we communicate, listen, and work together toward nonviolent resolutions.


At LFSF, our focus is on creating an environment of not only tolerance, but of acceptance. No one wants to be singled out for being different, which is why our students pride themselves on being open, honest, and comfortable with their peers. The LGBTQ+ Club at LFSF is an example of how our students create a safe space where students are never afraid to be themselves, and to express their individuality to their fullest! Regardless of orientation, students are encouraged to join to help further the concept of acceptance and uniqueness within the LGBTQ+ community!