From the Head of School

Question. Create. Explore.

Welcome to LFSF, the Lycée Français de San Francisco!

At LFSF, we take our mission at heart. LFSF is the only Bay Area school offering a truly multilingual, multicultural education with an International Section program from Primary through High School that successfully leads students to the French Bac and its international option. Through a rigorous and worldly acclaimed academic program that fosters critical thinking, our students, from a very early age learn to look at the world from multiple perspectives and through many lenses, bridging cultures and thriving in the international diversity of our community.

As our students progress through the school, they are encouraged to question, create and explore the world they live in making them true actors of their own education. To do so, we have gathered teams of educators and professionals fully committed to the well-being and success of every student. Together we invite students to take advantage of a rich performing art program, fun and innovative STEAM initiatives, the chance to meet and compete in sports locally and internationally as well as an always expanding list of global learning opportunities. We are proud to see them successfully embrace our challenging curriculum of learning and self discovery designed to help them realize their potential while developing empathy, integrity and the sense of civic responsibility.

The unique character of our school lies in its strong focus on languages.
For over 50 years, LFSF has been a leader in multilingual education. Our school presents the unique advantage for international families and their children to offer an International Section program from Primary through High School making them especially desirable applicants to any international educational establishment in the world. In addition, as early as grade 5, students get to experience German, Spanish and Mandarin in order for them to make an informed choice in grade 6 when they start studying their third language. As a result, our students speak 3 to 5 languages!

Our investment in multilingual education takes many forms such as our critical role in the organization of the annual SF Bilingual Fair, or our collaborative relationships with researchers on both sides of the Atlantic ocean in an effort to stay tuned and implement the latest recommendations in terms of multilingual education and pedagogy.

We would love to welcome you to our community. Come and pay us a visit!

I could tell you much more about our school and yet, nothing quite replaces coming for a visit. It is the best way to get a sense for life on campus. I hope you will experience first hand the joyful effervescence of our classrooms where children’s interests and personalities, current events and day to day experiences play a large role in our bilingual approach. At school, our students develop the love of learning while forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their peers and teachers.

I hope you will consider offering your child the gift of multilingualism and look forward to welcoming you soon, on one of our three campuses,

Emmanuel TEXIER, Head of School