Sautons! Courons! C'est le DECATHLON!

The annual Decathlon is an event that unites the Ashbury and Sausalito Campus students as they participate in 10 sports activities. It is also a fundraiser for students to get involved in their campus by collecting donations from family, friends and community members for campus specific projects.

Through sports, our students learn valuable life skills, such as responsibility and autonomy, while building social and emotional connections with their peers. With your generous support, we can continue to foster a culture of physical fitness and well-being at our school.

Event Details

MON, May 20th

  • Sausalito   |   LPE, PS & MS (LPE-PreK)   on their campus

TUE, May 21st

  • Ashbury   |   LPE, PS & MS (LPE-PreK)  on their campus

WED, May 22nd

  • SAU + ASH  |   GS & CP (K & 1st) @ MLK field in Sausalito

THU, May 23rd

  • SAU + ASH  |  CE1 & CE2 (2nd & 3rd) @ MLK field in Sausalito

FRI, May 24th

  • SAU + ASH | CM1 & CM2 (4th & 5th) + CM1 from the French American School of Silicon Valley @ MLK field in Sausalito



Your donations will help us provide our students with an exceptional physical education curriculum that includes:

Support Ashbury projects!

  • basketball, dance, and judo classes with expert teachers,
  • swimming lessons,
  • motricity equipment


Support Sausalito projects!

  • judo classes with expert teachers,
  • kayak lessons,
  • swimming lessons,
  • motricity equipment


V O L U N T E E R 

to bring snacks, help with set up and clean up.  

N.B. to volunteer as a team parent contact your room parent. 


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The LFSF's vision is to "Empower future generations to make meaningful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education." One way we do this is to involve the children in charitable giving efforts beyond their interests. 5% of the proceeds will be directed towards an organization near and dear to the LFSF community for the past 25 years HPP, Homeless Prenatal Program .  

Thank you to our sponsor!