LFSF Endowment Funds: investing in our future

The General Financial Aid Endowment Fund

The Board of Trustees, committed to the LFSF values of curiosity, respect, empathy and excellence, set up the General Financial Aid Endowment Fund in 2019 to support inclusion and socio-economic diversity .  

The General Financial Aid Endowment Fund provides long-tem financial aid for students in need. Gifts of any size will be pooled in this fund. Earnings will be awarded on an annual basis by the LFSF's Finance Committee.

Your contributions help ensure that a diverse and vibrant group of students can continue to access an outstanding LFSF education.


The Wine Circle 2023 is a high-end gastronomy and wine event intended for guests to enjoy a unique epicurean experience as they contribute to the LFSF.  All proceeds will benefit the LFSF Financial Aid Endowment, ensuring that an LFSF education will continue to be available to a socioeconomically diverse and vibrant group of students into the future.

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The LFSF MIND Scholarship: Merit, Inclusivity, Need Driven

In 2024, the Board of Trustees established the MIND Scholarship: Merit, Inclusivity, Need-Driven Endowment Fund. 

This scholarship is dedicated to high school students who have demonstrated exceptional academic merit and are subject to economic constraints. It ensures their access to the LFSF quality education. 

The MIND Scholarship exemplifies the LFSF's commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive educational environment, where financial barriers are minimized, and every deserving student has the opportunity to thrive.



A brilliant group of bright young adults, Class of 2024 is both vibrant and diverse. Some of them have been studying at LFSF since Preschool - we call them Lifers. All have grown close and their long-lasting friendships will last them a lifetime. With a dual diploma, they are ready to continue their studies in North America, Europe or anywhere in the world!


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