Lycée Français de San Francisco

LFSF J'adore, the series

This new video series tells the many (love) stories of our community, those from students, but also from the adults who surround them. Each is different, yet all express a common appreciation for our school and its community.

S01 E05 | SÉO

Séo is in Gr 9. Fully satisfied with his experience at LFSF so far, Séo didn't even considered studying elsewhere than at LFSF High. He is passionate about many things : archery, programing, math problems, creative writing and digital art. He loves that he can pursue all his passions with the support of his teachers.

S01 E04 | NOA

Noa is a lifer and a senior at LFSF High. Her parents are French and choosing LFSF for their three children was a no brainer for them. During the summer 2021, her family was held back in France for visa purposes. But Noa, as a US citizen, decided to come back to the LFSF by herself to continue on at LFSF High.


Katia is a non-French speaking parent and a trustee. A few years ago, her family and her went through a traumatic event. And the LFSF community showed up for them. She will never forget the support they got and tells us how happy she is to have found her home at LFSF.


Today Nicolas is a Lifer, just like his mother before him. And yet... In Gr 8, he considered other options in the Bay Area. After a lot of exploring and thinking, he decided to stay at LFSF High. In this video, he explains why it was the right choice!

S01 E01 | AUGUST

We are opening the series with August, an LFSF High student (Gr 10) who started in Maternelle - a Lifer - , has no French at home, and who made the choice to complete his bilingual journey at LFSF. He explains his choice and tells his (love) story with his school.