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Starting the iTrack in Gr9

Gr9 is a wonderful time to start with your international educational journey!

When joining LFSF i Track in Gr9*,

*High School is organized differently in different systems so here is way to not get lost in translation!


In years Gr9 and Gr10, students have the option to take courses from six of the eight subject groups, which provides greater flexibility. 

In schools that include MYP years 5, all students must complete the personal project. In programmes that include MYP years 4 or 5, schools may offer students the opportunity to do both the community project and  the personal project.

GRADE 11 and 12

In the final two years of high school, students enter the Diploma Programme (DP) of the IB, a curriculum which emphasizes both breadth and depth of knowledge. The DP is made up of six subject groups and a core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and a research paper of up to 4,000 words, the extended essay (EE).

The learner

The Learner Profile represents a broad range of human dispositions, capacities and traits that encompass intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth. 

When we talk about being internationally-minded, it means that we develop and show the qualities described in the Learner Profile. These qualities are important in all parts of elementary school. Everyone in the school community, including students, teachers, parents, and school leaders, has a responsibility to follow these qualities and work towards developing them.


Informed by the values described in the Learner Profile, the LFSF iTrack program

  • focuses on learners : the student-centered program promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge 
  • develops effective approaches to learning and teaching : our program help students to develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills needed for both academic and personal success 
  • works within global contexts : our program increases understanding of languages and cultures, and explore globally significant ideas and issues 
  • explores significant content : our program offers a curriculum that is broad and balanced, conceptual and connected.