Lycée Français de San Francisco

L'Anglais en Maternelle

In Preschool

In Preschool, our youngest students are in their first years of schooling, and are getting used to becoming students. Teachers focus primarily on helping children gradually adapt to their new life in the classroom by supporting the development of the social and emotional skills needed to interact confidently with trusted adults and other children. Social language is a key component, and the time spent with their English teacher is designed to foster comfort with the language as a means to connect to others, express feelings, needs, and to join group experiences therefore strengthening the objective of the French teacher.

Introductory math and reading concepts are introduced in English as well, through songs, games and stories, instilling a joy of learning. Above all, students develop the ability to listen to others, join in routines, interact positively with peers, and develop their natural curiosity.

In Kindergarten

young students solidify their language skills and continue to construct the phonological awareness that will prepare them for reading in 1st grade. Teachers continue to monitor and support their social and emotional development, while gradually increasing the complexity of activities and concentration time. Language instruction is focused on building listening comprehension skills and fostering more sophisticated oral expression. Basic math, emergent writing and beginning reading concepts are introduced through songs, games, activities and stories. By the end of the year, Kindergarten students are at ease with life in the classroom and are comfortable with taking initiative in class interactions. They are active participants in group learning activities and discussions who can confidently approach new challenges and complete academic tasks independently.