Protocole Covid-19 LFSF (2021 2022)

Protocol until the end of the school year

Masks will remain mandatory indoors, and strongly recommended outside on all three of our campuses until the end of the school year.

School-wide Testing

Each one of the school-wide, end of week testing has been useful in identifying cases. We will therefore distribute additional sets of tests this week and request that all students and staff submit their results : 

  • On Monday May 30 and then again
  • On Sunday June 05.

This time again, all results, positive and negative, need to be uploaded on the same reporting platform on testing day by 7pm.

When a student tests positive

  1. Share your test result with LFSF preparedness and your teacher via email as well.
  2. Consult this page to understand how to come back to campus after testing positive.
  3. Until the end of the school year, we strongly recommend that families who have one child who tests positive, keep all sibling(s) at home until all children are healthy and test negative. 

Reinforced deep cleaning measures will be maintained and classrooms fogged at each recess. Whenever possible, windows and doors will be kept open. And lunches will be taken outside when the weather permits.

Mandatory school-wide testing

On Friday MAY 13, we will be providing each student, on each campus, with a set of 2 tests. All students and personnels will be required to test twice:

  • on Sunday May 15 and again
  • on Sunday May 22.

All results, positive or negative, need to be uploaded on the same platform used in the past (this link will assist you in recovering your account | for first time registration, use this link ). Families will be receiving a reminder on the Saturday before testing day reminding them on the requirement and the link to upload results.