High School


LFSF High is the perfect conclusion of the bilingual and international education provided at LFSF. It prepares our multilingual students for universities across the world, but is before and foremost an excellent preparation for U.S. universities and colleges, as 60% of our Seniors choose to continue their studies in North America.

LFSF students are global minded and can graduate with two diplomas: the French Baccalaureate (or Bac) and the U.S. High School diploma. Many students opt to fulfill requirements for the U.S. high school diploma by taking additional required courses. and in many cases, our students select its prestigious and rigorous Baccalaureat Français International.

Our High School Curriculum


Our college preparatory curriculum is all-encompassing, adaptable and demanding and gives students a desirable, unique profile. Students with an excellent command of both oral and written English may enroll in the American International Option of the French Bac. With a dual degree, they are well prepared for universities in the US and in the world .

Start up Lycee, open learning


Open Learning refers to the activities that enhance and broaden learning opportunities beyond formal education by opening the classroom to the world and applying theoretical skills to real life.
The program is built around a series of innovative and collaborative initiatives between the school and local institutions and their stakeholders.


Our international private high school offers students many opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures, languages, and geographies through a global travel program that provides them with a rich understanding of different cultural perspectives that can only be achieved by spending time living, learning and working in a foreign country.
Destinations vary per grade.


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LFSF High School students at their 2023 graduation


Our Seniors are a fun and eclectic group of 49 impressive students: some who have been at LFSF since preschool - we call them lifers-, and some who only joined recently but quickly called our school home. Our universities acceptances as well as their excellent results to the French Baccalaureate exam illustrate their international-mindedness.


The 46 Seniors of the Class of 2022 impressed by the quality of their bond, the excellence of their results and the thoughtfulness of their involvement. Learn more about who they are and where they will be continuing their education next year, in the United States, in Canada or in Europe.
Go far but stay in touch Class of 2022!

olivia's story

Olivia's last year at LFSF was also the first. An incredible year during which she met amazing people and made great friends. Career-wise, she can see herself working in the Pharmaceutical industry and more specifically in drugs research to discover undesirable side effects. To do so, she'll either study Medicine in Lyon or go for a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical sciences in Geneva.

Studying Abroad

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10 LFSF students participated in the AEFE ADN Study Abroad program. From Norway, Italy, or England, they all agree on the benefits of the exchange. They made new friends and enjoyed San Francisco. They experienced the LFSF community as a big and welcoming family!

Coding Champions

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LFSF student team won the CoderZ Pro World Competition 2021. Jules, Christophe, Samantha, Esmé, Isabella and Amicie spent months coding against their peers all around the world. Along with their coach and teacher, Antoine RITZU, they are sharing their feedback about this unique experience.