Who they are and where they go : Class of 2022

The 46 students from the Class of 2022 are a talented, ambitious, energetic group.  Their college results are the embodiment of who they are, and of the academic and enrichment opportunities they have received at LFSF.  


After many wonderful years at LFSF, Lucas, an LFSF Lifer, is getting ready for a new chapter, at Yale University, in New Heaven, Connecticut. Lucas reflects fondly on the memories he built, including spending breaks working at the camps and thus mentoring younger students. He also shares his passion for Capoiera and his "wisdom" to next year's seniors.


In her video, Emma, an LFSF Lifer, is sharing her experience as a student at LFSF, as well as her hopes and goals for her future academic and professional life. We wish her the best at UC Berkeley, where she will start as a pre-med student. She is also passionate about film editing and even has a Youtube Channel about back braces for other teens with scoliosis.


Naya has spent 13 years at LFSF, she is a Lifer! And she has been playing soccer even longer, since she is 2. She also loves biology and chemistry and this is what she will be studying next year at UCLA. What she is most proud of? Founding the DEIJ comity with 5 other students in 2019, a club that grew from 6 to 20 students and tackles important topics.



According to Natalie Bitton, LFSF Director of College counseling, “95% percent of the universities currently in the US are test optional. We’re in California, so the University of California, and the California State University, which is the biggest student serving institution system in the country are now test free, and therefore students need to spend less time, less money, less effort on studying for some random one-time test, and more time on the consistency of who they are as a student.” 



Luke speaks Chinese and English at home and only started learning French in Gr2! Today he is getting ready to leave LFSF to join Oxford University in the UK. There, he will study Physics and Philosophy, as he's always been interested by the mysteries of the universe. Luke describes himself like a quiet person who prefers finding the right words to describe his emotions rather than use curse words. His advice: give your best self and only apply to the schools you're really interested in. 


Morgane only joined the LFSF four years ago, in Gr8. Trilingual, she speaks French at home but also English, and Spanish with some of her family members from Venezuela. She is an avid surfer. Next year, she will go to medical school in the Université de Paris, France - and she already started studying for it this year! She values the many opportunities she's had to better understand the world and herself while at LFSF, in particular the Technovation program or her service learning trip!


Hirad joined LFSF in Gr6. He is trilingual, speaking Farsi at home, and is passionate about economics and any critical thinking approach to problems, giving full meaning to the #question #create #explore motto of the school. Next year, Hirad will study economics at the University of Chicago where he will undoubtedly engage in fruitful conversations!  His advice to his younger peers? Trust the process!

Good luck Hirad, let's stay in touch!


Sophia is an LFSF Lifer and quite a character, as you can probably tell from this short video! She's trilingual, and likes to use her various languages with purpose. She is passionate about sciences but she also has many artistic skills. She will explore her passion further next year in Boston, at Brandeis University, studying biology, chemistry, engineering and math.
Her advice to future Seniors: organize your locker, as a well-organized locker is the sign of a clear mind!


As an LFSF Lifer from Marin, Arthur spent several years on our previous campus in Corte Madera. He likes helping others through activism and community service, which led him to be interested in politics. Next year, he will move to the East coast where he will discover New-York and study political science and economics at Columbia University.
LFSF will remember his great commitment to administration and other students within the DEIJ committee.


Despite a two-years-break in a public school, Marguerite is an LFSF Lifer who appreciates the critical thinking developed at the LFSF. She loves outdoor activities like camping, and also has a talent for drama. She shone many times on the stage of the TLF, in particular during performances of the play Pinocchio. Her plans for next year are still undecided, as she hesitates between McGill University and a gap year in Europe. Whatever her choice will be, we are confident she will accomplish great things!


Nare is an LFSF Lifer and a brilliant artist who sees life through pink glasses. She loves writing, drawing, and creating artworks with her hands, but what she prefers above all is hanging out with cats. Her advice is to take care of the friendships which were born and strengthened over years at LFSF. Now, Nare is ready to say goodbye to her friends and to move to Los Angeles, where she will study English, Mandarin and continue to practice her art.


LFSF student for eleven years, Jules is passionate about technology and engineering. As the captain of the LFSF coders Z team, he led many different projects, and the Innovation Lab has become his second house! His applications for next year have received many offers of admission. Finally, he will start engineering studies in a prestigious French school. Au-revoir Jules and thank you for everything you accomplished at the LFSF!


As an LFSF Lifer, Lucie is one of our most loyal artists. We enjoyed many times her singing and dancing performances during the LFSF gala. Next year, Lucie will be attending UC Irvine where she will discover psychology and environmental science. Avoiding procrastination and starting your applications during the summer are the best ways according to her to spend a great and peaceful senior year.
Good luck Lucie!


Matthieu joined the LFSF in Gr8 is passionate about math, physics, video games and computer sciences. During his years at LFSF, he liked to be involved in the organization of many events as a behind-the-scenes agent. Deciding what he will do next year has been difficult, but he will finally go to UC Berkeley. 


Born in Singapore and having lived in Zurich, Marie joined the LFSF 8 years ago. Trilingual, she speaks English and French at home, and she also knows German thanks to her years spent in Switzerland. This summer, she will move to Paris where she will study biology at La Sorbonne. Good luck Marie! 


Aurore only spent a year at LFSF but it's one she will remember as "one of her best school years ever". She managed to both make friends and have awesome academic results. Next year, she has finally decided to go to EPFL in Switzerland, where she will study Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

All are welcome

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