Le Baccalauréat Français International (BFI)

Beginning September 2022, the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) will become the Baccalauréat Français International (BFI).

Gr 11 Students who take part in this program prepare for this new international option during their two last years of High School, which will be taken into account in the baccalauréat exam starting in 2024.

The BFI is not a new program, it is an evolution of the extremely popular and rigorous OIB track. It allows more flexibility to better serve each student. It represents an extraordinary preparation for what they will face when entering College. They learn how to manage their workload and it represents an incredible cultural enrichment for them. 

This is a unique track that serves individual students well, emphasizes multilingualism and multiculturalism with a strong academic background in both scientific and humanities areas of learning. The new course "knowledge of the world" is an amazing opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and autonomy, working on complex projects.


  • Preparation for the BFI is only for the final year of high school (international sections are maintained until the end of Gr 10 / seconde).

  • Students who have not taken an international section before Gr 11 may apply for the BFI.

  • Specific courses (cultural and linguistic studies, non-linguistic subjects) are reinforced and completed by the new course on world knowledge.

  • The student's commitment is valued within the framework of a project conducted with an international partner.