The French Baccalauréat is the natural conclusion and the academic objective of our bilingual and bicultural students. Most of our students also receive their U.S. High School diploma*. Their excellent dual education and the many learning opportunities they can enjoy through our Open and Global learning programs support their applications to some of the most prestigious programs in the world.

THE French BAC: our students' diploma of choice

The Baccalauréat is an all-encompassing, adaptable and demanding pre-university programme:

All-encompassing because it includes humanities studies (literature, philosophy, foreign languages), science, sport, and a wide choice of elective subjects in the fields of science and mathematics, social sciences or language and literature.

Adaptable as it offers students the possibility to choose their own elective subjects as of year 11. For example, a student in year 11 could decide to discontinue studying mathematics while another, through his or her electives and options, could choose to study up to 9 hours of mathematics per week.

Demanding as students are expected to be able to acquire, organise and express in-depth knowledge in order to develop their critical thinking skills which is necessary as they become informed and active citizens of society.


The newly revised Bac, introduced in 2021, is structured around:

  • a required core curriculum : French Literature (Gr 11), Philosophy (Gr 12), English, a foreign language, Civics, History-Geography (taught as one subject in France), Physical Education, and Science.
    Read more about the required core curriculum
  • a series of electives allowing a higher degree of subject specialization: three subjects in Gr 11 (each taught for 4 hours per week) reduced to two of these in Gr 12 (both taught for 6 hours per week).

Students can also choose to study up to three optional subjects, e.g. Latin, Mandarin, mathematics extension2, etc. Each subject includes three hours of instruction per week and allows students to broaden their skills and knowledge.

Selective pathways are also available for students who demonstrate outstanding academic or physical skills. Students gain access to these selective pathways through entry tests and study a more in-depth academic programme or join an elite sport squad for up to four extra hours a week.

Required subjects


Options at LFSF

Continuous formal assessments

Throughout year 11 and year 12, students take different exams based on nationally designed exercises, focusing on history and geography, foreign languages A and B, scientific culture, P.E. and one elective. These ongoing assessments count for 30% of the final grade.

The subject teachers for each mandatory course also carry out other assessments, in the form of tests, which make up 10% of the final grade.

Final examinations

At the end of Gr 11, students take a final French language and literature exam that is the first exam module of the Baccalaureate. They are tested on their written skills and on an oral presentation of a literary text.

At the end of Gr12, students take 3 written exams (on philosophy and two electives they will have studied during year 11 and year 12) as well as one oral examination about an individual project related to an elective.

Final exams count for 60% of the final grade.


The “Grand Oral” is a 20-minutes oral exam that allows students to demonstrate their ability to speak in public in a clear and convincing manner.

Students prepare two separate topics related to both of their Gr 12 electives from which a jury of two teachers selects one.While the Grand Oral is demanding, students prepare for this type of examination throughout their education.