The American International Section in Middle School

What it is like to be a student in the AIS in Middle School (Gr6, 7, 8 + 9)

LFSF students who opt for the AIS can expect:  

  • Half of the History-Geography classes taught in English
  • One extra hour of English and American literature, added to the standard 5 hours of US Standards classes to enhance their language skills through personal and group projects. 

Students in the AIS and OIB are in separate groups for their AIS History-Geography and English classes

Through the activities of the International Section, students further explore the content of the core American English program. Students in the IS deepen their analysis of English and American literature. 

The DNBI (Brevet exam) explained



The DNB International option consists of all of the standard exams plus two specific oral exams in language/literature and history/geography. These two exams are taken in English. 

Please note:

Enrollment in the international section in Gr 9 is a prerequisite for registering for the brevet diploma’s international option.