2024 LFSF Auction Gala | La Vie en Vert

The Lycée Français de San Francisco is thrilled to hold its annual auction gala at the Conservatory at One Sansome Saturday, March 23, 2024, 6PM to Midnight. This year’s theme is “La Vie en Vert: plant the seed for the future”

We hope you will participate in this fundraiser that will support our sustainable development programs.

We invite you to join the fun!

  • Cocktails, open bar & silent auction 
  • Dinner and a fierce live auction: a friendly bidding war on exceptional donations!
  • A tidal wave of giving to the Fund for the Future, Sustainable Development
  • DJ SATVA & Dancing
  • Dress code: Cocktail attire or as chic as you wish!

G A L A   F A Q


Online auction and class projects coming soon!  March 8, 2024

Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors and in kind donors

Fund for the Future - Sustainable Development

The focus of the 2024 FFF Sustainable Development, the LFSF aims to improve our ability to empower students at all grade levels throughout their education as empathic and informed citizens who act on solutions big and small to address sustainable development.

The goal of the LFSF Sustainable Development Program is to empower every LFSF student to understand how our actions affect our environment, with a clear sense of how we can make a positive impact.


To this end, the LFSF continues to create, develop, and disseminate a sustainable development curriculum in the classroom and throughout its institutional practices with a school-wide sustainability plan.

We believe students need to see the LFSF as a role model institution for addressing sustainability issues by visibly demonstrating solutions. To this effect, the sustainability committees composed of students, faculty, staff, and parents have identified and are implementing Green Projects across campuses, grade levels and classrooms:

  • Converting to LED lighting with sensors in all campus classrooms: 

Impact: optimizing lighting with a dual focus on health and energy efficiency to lead to a more conducive and sustainable learning environment, benefiting the well-being of occupants and the school's operational efficiency with saving at a minimum 82% of power.

  • Solar paneled aquaponics aquarium

Impact: a visual and hands on sustainable and self contained ecosystem

  • Water cisterns

Impact: reducing water consumption, alleviating strain on local water sources, and serving as an educational tool for students to learn about water conservation.

  • Greenwalls

Impact: improving indoor air quality, reducing noise levels, and creating a more pleasant and calming atmosphere

  • Sausalito Garden Improvement

  • Class, Group, and Club on going projects

    • Partnerships with Matter of Trust, Ridwell, SF Environment, Zero Waste from Marin 

    • Stationary Bike to generate energy

    • Sample Solar panels

    • Plants in all classrooms

    • Pursuit of Green Certifications such as Labellisation EFE3D (établissements français de l'étranger en démarche de développement durable) and California Green Ribbon

Ultimately, the LFSF aims to improve our ability to empower students at all grade levels over the course of their education as empathic and informed citizens who act on solutions big and small to address sustainable development.


Fund for the Future Projects now and in the past 

Plant the seed for the future: sponsor the event



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Vous avez été formidables!

Our guests and online supporters are fantastic! 

Thank you to the parent, staff, and student VOLUNTEERS without whom this cannot be a game-changing event! The LFSF community came together in a festive atmosphere for the students.

Together we raised over $465,000, with $200,000 directed towards the music program and the remaining funds allocated to operations, finance financial aid, field trips, technology, and artists & authors in residence.


Jill DRISH and Jason STONE, LFSF parents and co-chairs