Starting in Middle School

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LFSF is expanding its high quality bilingual offer, adding an IB* powered international track (iTrack) to its offer: students and families can now choose between two tracks

In Middle School, the International Track or iTrack program prepares students to be successful in school and to be active, lifelong learners beyond the middle school years.

The International Track program provides students with a challenging curriculum that encourages practical connections between studies and the real world. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement—essential qualities for young people who are becoming global leaders. 

Continuous curriculum from preschool to life

Learning and Teaching

In Middle school, iTrack students develop their personal understanding, their emerging sense of self and responsibility in their community. 

The curriculum consists of 8 groups

Student study is supported by a minimum of 50 hours of instruction per subject group in each academic year.

The curriculum focuses on 

  • Teaching and learning in context.
    Students learn best when their learning experiences have context and are connected to their lives and the world that they have experienced. Using global contexts, students explore human identity, global challenges and what it means to be internationally minded. 
  • Language and identity
    Students are required to learn at least two languages. Learning to communicate in a variety of ways is fundamental to their development of intercultural understanding and crucial to their identity affirmation. 
  • Conceptual understanding
    Concepts are big ideas that have relevance within specific disciplines and across subject areas.  Students use concepts as a vehicle to inquire into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance and examine knowledge holistically. 
  • Approaches to learning(ATL)
    A unifying thread throughout all subject groups, approaches to learning provide the foundation for independent learning and encourage the application of their knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts. Developing and applying these skills help students learn how to learn.
  • Community service
    Students strive to be caring members of the community who demonstrate a commitment to service by making a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment. Community service is an integral part of the program especially in the iTrack community project. 

The learner

The Learner Profile represents a broad range of human dispositions, capacities and traits that encompass intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth. 

Learner profile

When we talk about being internationally-minded, it means that we develop and show the qualities described in the Learner Profile. These qualities are important throughout the grades. Everyone in the school community, including students, teachers, parents, and school leaders, has a responsibility to follow these qualities and work towards developing them.

Informed by the values described in the Learner Profile, the LFSF iTrack program

  • focuses on learners : the student-centered program promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge 
  • develops effective approaches to learning and teaching : our program help students to develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills needed for both academic and personal success 
  • works within global contexts : our program increases understanding of languages and cultures, and explore globally significant ideas and issues 
  • explores significant content : our program offers a curriculum that is broad and balanced, conceptual and connected.


Assessment standards are consistent around the world. In order to maintain the rigor for which the IB is renowned, LFSF uses an assessment model that is criterion-related. Tasks are assessed against established criteria, not against the work of other students. 

Typical assessment tasks include open-ended, problem-solving activities and investigations, organized debates, tests and examinations, hands-on experimentation, analysis and reflection.

Community Project

Projects provide students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. 

In Middle school, iTrack students must complete the community project.

The community project encourages students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. Students may complete the community project individually or in small groups. 

Projects are conducted independently, giving students an opportunity to produce a truly personal and creative piece of work that stands as a summative review of their ability to conduct independent work.


Students who take LFSF iTrack in Middle School and continue their international education in High school are particularly well-prepared to undertake the renowned  IB Diploma Program in Gr11 and 12. 

The iTRack program also accommodates the national US curriculum requirements allowing students to graduate with their US high school diplomas.

The iTrack dual diploma program is a unique asset for students in their applications to universities and colleges worldwide. LFSF had an outstanding track record in preparing students to be able to continue their education in the university of their choice, as 100% of them are accepted in one of their top 3 universities.