Welcome to College Counseling!

LFSF offers a comprehensive college counseling program to all of its students.

We focus on the development of the whole self of the adolescent, with a focus first on wellness, ritual, and personal development and second on choices after high school.

We call it College Counseling from the inside out.

Alongside the traditional college counseling program, students have the opportunity to participate in our flagship enrichment programs to develop their whole self, and contribute these developing selves to global citizenship and community.

Students graduate from LFSF with 2 diplomas:  The French Baccalaureate Diploma and the U.S. High School Diploma.  These 2 diplomas allow students to search worldwide for their college choices, offering them a world of possibilities!


GRADE 9 - Getting to Know Each Other

A 2-day end of year student retreat begins the college preparation journey. Students says goodbye to their middle school years with the culmination of their Brevet exams, and hello to their high school journeys. 

Families are an integral part of the college planning process.  We begin meeting with parents/guardians in Grade 9 to build relationships and understand each family's needs.


GRADE 10 - Acquiring Knowledge of Self + Other

  • Mindfulness Class
  • Shadow Days Program
  • Startup Lycee
  • Service Learning Program & Trips

GRADE 11 - Preparing & Applying Knowledge

  • College Counseling Week
  • Resume building
  • Alumni Panels
  • Agora >> 

GRADE 12 - Expressing Knowledge of Self + Other

  • Students make their choices and apply to colleges and universities around the world
  • Map of where do students go to college
  • GAP Year: 
  • College Rep Visits: Over 160 colleges and universities from around the world visit our campus every year.
  • Mock Interviews: 

Enrichment Programs

  • We provide students with many opportunities to explore their career and college interests, and delve deeper into them through flagship enrichment programs.
  • Wellness:  Students in Grade 10 take an 8-week Mindfulness class, and can continue their participation in later years.  
  • Civic Engagement: Students are encouraged to participate civically in the communities they live in through programs such as High School Poll, and The Changemaker Project
  • Service Learning: Students can meet with their counselors to prepare individualized community service projects during high school.  Students are eligible for global service learning trips after completing local community service of 40 hours annually.
  • Girls in S.T.E.A.M.: To reconcile the number of girls who go on to study computer science and engineering in college, we aim to leverage our relationship with Silicon valley by offering students the opportunity to engage through programs like Technovation, Stanford Women in business networking events, and BuiltbyGirls Mentoring.

Standardized Testing

Students prepare for a variety of standardized tests like SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Oxford TSA, etc….

On Campus Prep Offerings by Grade:

  • Grade 9:   Math Algebra I Online Review course (for SAT/ACT)
  • Grade 10: SAT/ACT after school prep courses (one in Fall, and one on Winter); Summer Prep Intensive; individualized AP and SAT subject test prep
  • Grade 11: SAT/ACT after school prep courses (one in Fall, and one on Winter); individualized AP and SAT subject test prep
  • Grade 12: Summer Mock Test Intensive; Math II Intensive


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Director of College Counseling

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