FLI, French Language Immersion

Our FLI program offers an alternative approach to traditional foreign language learning: an intensive and long-term exposure to the second language during a student's schooling when certain subjects are taught in the language of immersion.

Thanks to a special French language immersion program, children from Grade 1 through 5 can enjoy the benefits of a bilingual education which was only previously available to preschoolers. Each FLI student has an individualized and personalized learning plan regularly updated to lead to an eventual integration into our regular curriculum.

This unique program is developed according to the 4 C's principle: Content, Communication, Cognition, Culture.

The unique quality of this program is to associate, on an equal footing, the pursuit of disciplinary objectives linked to the French programme (Contents) and linguistic objectives linked to mastery of the French language (Communication).

How the FLi program works

  • A French teacher specialized in "French as a foreign language" leads the group and organizes the teaching.
  • A program adapted and personalized to your child's learning and needs.
  • A gradual and flexible transition to the target class -meaning that of his/her age group.
  • A small group of 8 to 12 FLI students.
  • A program that lasts from a few months to 2 years.

What are the steps

  • The school assesses each child's level in math, comprehension and production skills in his/her mother tongue, and comprehension and written production skills for the levels after grade 9.
  • A personalized program and an individualized timetable are tailored to each student's needs and based on his or her strengths.
  • This program is regularly revisited and updated according to students' progress by introducing more and more time into the "target" class (the class of their age group).
  • The objective is for FLI students to integrate their"target" class whenever they are ready, usually within a few months to two years.

Who are the best candidates for this program

This program is best suited for:

  • To children for whom French is not the first language.
  • Students who master their mother tongue.
  • To children entering Gr 1 through 4.

when and how to enroll

The procedures for FLI applicants are similar to those for general admissions. For more information or to initiate your application journey, please contact our admissions team: we are here to help!

where is the fli program available

At this point, the FLI program is only available on our Sausalito campus, just on the Marin side of the Golden Gate bridge.