Global Learning

Learning happens in and out of the classroom!

In keeping with the LFSF mission of empowering future generations to make meaningful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education, LFSF offers students many opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures, languages, and geographies through a global travel program that provides them with a rich understanding of different cultural perspectives than that can only be achieved by spending time living, learning and working in a foreign country.


Global learning starts early, with local outings. In grade 5, travels to France and Quebec enables students to put their knowledge of the French language into practice and immerse themselves in French and Quebec cultures. Through the grades, opportunities and destinations multiply while time spent abroad extends from a week to a quarter. The large international network of French high schools (AEFE) allows LFSF to set up "study abroad" exchanges, comparable to the university programs with Lycées in Tokyo (Japan), Brest (France), Taipei (Taiwan), Rome (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Additionally, students in grades 10, 11, and 12 can participate each year in the HS service learning program once they have completed 40 hours of local community service. It is a 3-year program, and each year focuses on a different theme and global location. 

Destinations: the sky is the limit!

The 2019-2020 Global Learning program was very impacted by the COVID pandemic.
We hope that we will be able to open new destinations again in 2021.

School Year 2018-2019

  • TANZANIA - Service Learning Program (Grades 10,11,12)
  • ITALY - Latin Language Students (Grades 10,11,12)
  • SPAIN - Student Exchange Program (Grade 10)
  • GERMANY - Student Exchange Program (Grade 10)
  • MEXICO - Spanish Language Students (Grade 10)
  • CANADA - Class Field Trip (Grade 5)
  • FRANCE - Summer Immersion Camp (Grades 5,6)

School Year 2017-2018

  • PERU - Service Learning Program (Grades 10,11,12)
  • FRANCE - Jeux Internationaux de la Jeunesse (Grade 10 Athletes)
  • JAPAN - Student Exchange Program (Grade 10)
  • ICELAND - Class Field Trip (Grade 10)
  • FRANCE - Student Exchange Program (Grade 10)
  • MOROCCO - Class Field Trip (Grade 5)
LFSF | Service Trip | PERU 2018

As part of the high school service learning program, the service learning trips strive to fulfill the LFSF mission of global citizenship, providing opportunities for global learning outside of the classroom, and for engaged citizenship. Students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible to participate each year once they have completed 40 hours of local community service. It is a 3-year program, and each year focuses on a different theme and global location. This year, 17 students participated in the service learning trip to Peru. All had completed 40 hours of community service, and 6 hours of classes in Peruvian culture and the issue of educating girls in developing countries. Before and during the trip, students reflected and wrote in their journals about their experiences, and practices mindfulness to integrate their service and learning. Back on campus, students performed 2 folkloric Andean dances to their high school peers, and discussed their experiences abroad.