American International Section in HS

What it is like to be a student in the AIS in High School (Gr10 pre-OIB, Gr11 and 12 OIB)

Students who have an excellent command of both oral and written English may enroll in the American International Option of the baccalauréat général. In this case, students take the same baccalaureate exams as their peers, except for English and History-Geography OIB exams, which are subject to specific written and oral exams in the 12th grade class. As this is a demanding option, prospective students are selected based on their academic records and personal motivation.

In Gr 10: preparation for the OIB (international option of the baccalaureate) 

  • In English: 5 hours (specific OIB group)
  • In History-Geography: 4 hours ( 2 hours with a French teacher, 2 hours with an English teacher), representing one extra hour added to the core hours.

In Gr 11 and 12 OIB: 

  • In English: 5 hours (specific OIB group)
  • In History-Geography: 4 hours ( 2 hours with a French teacher, 2 hours with an English teacher), representing one extra hour added to the core hours.

This option requires a real interest in History, Geography, English and American literature. 

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the OIB Baccalaureate

A French baccalaureate that includes the international option and can only be prepared in international sections.

The OIB is the French general baccalaureate diploma, on which the "international option" is marked. The aim is to give significant weight to skills and knowledge related to the American language and culture. Students who enroll in this option must demonstrate a real interest in literature and reading in history-geography. 

The international option of the baccalaureate (OIB) consists of:

  • the required standard exams for each course, except for written and oral exams in modern language 1 (LVA) and the history-geography paper;
  • a specific language and literature exam in the section language in the place of the required LVA exams; this exam includes a written and oral component;
  • a specific history-geography exam in the place of the standard history-geography exam; this exam includes a written and oral component. 

These specific exams are taken in English and have their own coefficients.

Please note:

Enrollment in the American International Section in 11th and 12th grade is a prerequisite for enrollment in the OIB.

It's important to note that...

The OIB is a specific arrangement whereby the French baccalaureate gives the skills and knowledge related to the partner country’s language and culture a substantial weighting. However, the OIB is not a dual-diploma awarded by France and another country.

Nevertheless, the partner country’s educational authorities may play a central role in setting and marking OIB exams. They also help to ensure the OIB is recognized, particularly by the most prestigious universities of their respective countries.

An option in addition to the exams of the baccalaureate. The specific exams replace in part the standard exams and, despite the term ‘option,’ significantly impact whether the diploma is awarded.

The OIB is different from the International Baccalaureate (IB) that is not awarded by the French Education Ministry but by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva. 

Benefits of the OIB 

Source: The College Board OIB brochure

  •  OIB students learn to handle a hefty workload and to prioritize conflicting commitments. 
  •  OIB students acquire cultural mobility — the ability to think from a French cultural viewpoint or an American cultural viewpoint — that gives them different perspectives on their university studies, whatever the subject. 
  • OIB students have learned different approaches to thinking and methodology from two different education systems; this can give them unusual flexibility in problem-solving or adopting a suitable method for a particular task. 
  •  The OIB is a rigorous program devoted to educational excellence and sets high-performance standards for students and faculty. 
  •  The OIB involves dedicated and creative teachers committed to their students, their disciplines, and their profession. 
  • The OIB attracts highly motivated students who wish to excel academically and attend the most selective colleges and universities. 
  • The OIB program provides for articulation between middle school and high school, terminating with the French Baccalaureate. 
  • In support of the academic program, the OIB offers professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators worldwide.

How Do Colleges and Universities Recognize the OIB American Section? 

Source: The College Board OIB brochure

In the United States, experienced college admission officers increasingly recognize the Baccalaureate, particularly the OIB, as a strong indicator of academic promise and achievement. Successful OIB students have demonstrated the ability to attain academic goals above and beyond the already-rigorous college-preparatory program. Also, the OIB courses and exams are frequently recognized for advanced credit at many North American colleges and universities.