Start'Up Lycée

2018 Annual Hult Prize Finals and Awards Ceremony

LFSF Start'up Lycee winners at the 2018 Annual Hult Prize Finals and Awards Ceremony

Through their 2018 Start'up Lycée experience, our LFSF students were introduced to the Hult International Business School in San Francisco that graciously hosted our event last spring. 

Strong of this relationship, our winning team was invited to attend the much anticipated 2018 Annual Hult Prize Finals and Awards Ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

The Hult Prize is the world’s largest engine for the creation and launch of sustainable and impact centered startups emerging from university, offering a grand prize of USD1 million. This year, former President Bill Clinton - who served as a judge- awarded $1 million in seed funding to four Pakistani-American students who created a ridesharing rickshaw startup service to help refugees—especially women—travel to major points of interest in Pakistan. 

It was a very unique opportunity for our 4 LFSF students, Hannah, Thomas, François and Ethan, to share this exciting moment, and meet the 42nd President of the United States of America. “The Hult Prize in so many ways represents the way the world has to function in the 21st Century” – President Bill Clinton


Start'Up Lycee 2018

I would like to share with you the victory of the two teams that represented the Lycée Français de San Francisco during the France/United States final held at the Lycée Français de Chicago on March 23 and 24, 2018.

Indeed, Hannah Lederman, François Akiki, Ethan Collins and Thomas Thorbrogger (1S) won the first prize with their LUX project, a pendant capable of detecting the presence of possible drugs in a cocktail. They will receive a $1000 prize to develop their project.

Third place went to Lola and Emma Danhaive, Nathan Diascorn and Julien Teral (TES/S) with their project Amina, a loincloth equipped with microprocessors to prevent mosquito bites carrying malaria. They will receive a $250 prize to develop their project.

If the performance first rewards their involvement in projects implemented since January when they participated in the final organized in San Francisco, it is also because of the education they received within our school from elementary school (whether in Corte Madera/Sausalito or Ashbury) to secondary school in Ortega where they learned to seek information, to argue orally and in writing, to convince in French or in English, to perform in front of an audience and to compete against other teams, while sharing responsibilities and keeping a team spirit ; all made possible by the financial and logistical means that the Lycée Administration offers.

Olivier Combeau pour l’équipe Start’Up Lycée du LFSF • Economics and Social Sciences Teacher (SES)



On JAN 19 + 20, LFSF Gr 10, 11 and 12 students participated in the Start'up Lycée, a program inviting young entrepreneurs to build a start-up in just 48 hours!

This year the event was held at the Hult Business School in San Francisco and 59 students divided in 15 teams competed. The Hult facilities were ideally suited to brainstorm during the 2 days. Students used all surfaces to log down their ideas, including glass walls and wall size Idea boards. Each team was mentored by successful Bay area entrepreneurs and LFSF educators to help them develop their pitch.

“It was a great experience”, said Laurence who pitched an app to help teen girls find sport classes, “we felt like we were in a real startup environment”

The teams created an app, developed content, feasibility, financing, and finally pitched the project in 4 minutes to a jury comprised of silicon valley entrepreneurs and in front of a large audience.

The winning team was composed of Hannah Lederman, Thomas Thorbrogger, François Akiki, Ethan Collins with their project named LUX.  They will represent the LFSF during the Finale at the Lycée in Chicago with students from all over the US.


“Je trouve que start up lycée a été une expérience très intéressante - et marrante, et cela pourra me servira dans le futur” -Antoine Haddad


“ I found it very interesting to not only get to know other people, but also getting closer to the ones I already know.  It was a great 2 day experience that was based on team work, and I learned a lot on how to talk in front of a lot people. It was as well a very educative experience where I got over my fear of public speaking. “ - Ines Krognes


"J’ai trouvé que l’environnement professionnel nous a permit de se sentir comme de vrais chefs d’entreprises. J’ai trouvé cette experience unique et incroyable car en une courte période de temps on a pu découvrir un nouveau domaine de travail. De plus c’était très amusant en plus d’être intéressant.” - Diane Roux


“J’ai particulièrement apprécié l’engagement de tous les élèves, pour mener à bien des projets singuliers, tout en tenant compte des conseils des coaches volontaires et motivés. Leurs presentations orales ont fait preuve de conviction et de détermination. L’accueil chaleureux de Hult Business School est idéal pour Start’Up Lycée. A renouveler l’an prochain sans hésitation."

Getting Ready for Start'up Lycée

Calling for Professionals

In order to prepare the 10th graders who will participate to Start-up Lycée 2018 on 1/19-20/2018, we are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to share their experience and expertise in business with our students.

We are looking more specifically for speaker on Global Business Horizons, Financial Management, Strategic Innovations.

The presentations will take place on Fridays afternoon class hours on NOV 17, DEC 1 and JAN 12.

They will last one hour maximum from 1:30pm to 2:30pm, and again from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

If you are interested sharing your know how with our students based, please contact Olivier COMBEAU making sure to indicate which topic you are interested to cover.

On se prépare pour le Start'up Lycée

Appel aux professionnels!

Dans le but de préparer nos élèves de Seconde qui participeront à Start-up Lycée 2018 les 19 et 20 janvier prochains, nous recherchons des professionnels qui acceptent de partager leur expertise dans certains domaines.

Les points qui restent à couvrir sont les suivants : Global Business Horizons, Financial Management, Strategic Innovations.

Les séances auront lieu les vendredis après-midis suivants : 
17 novembre, 1er décembre2017 et 12 janvier 2018 pendant les heures de cours.

La présentation d'une heure au maximum (13 h 30 - 14 h 30) sera répétée à 15 h 00.

Si vous pensez pouvoir contribuer à cet événement, merci de contacter Olivier COMBEAU en indiquant le sujet que vous souhaitez couvrir.