La Petite Ecole

La Petite Ecole (LPE) is an introductory, French language immersion program, available every morning, on our Sausalito campus for children as early as age 2. It can be completed by Happy Play in the afternoon for a full time option.

La Petite Ecole (LPE) follows a curriculum that naturally and gently prepares children to enter our full time, bilingual Preschool. At La Petite Ecole, children play and learn together, socialize and interact while immersing themselves in the French language. They explore language as well as all forms of communication: body language, comedy and artistic expression... They develop gross and fine motor skills. They learn to think and organize their thoughts, while exploring the world around them. Fun educative projects pave the way for the implementation of a solid foundation of learning, generously integrating artistic activities, in a friendly French environment. The class is led by a French teacher and an assistant teacher.

The main objective of the Petite Ecole is socialization. This class allows children to discover the world of school and socialize while developing language skills. La Petite Ecole is the best preparation for a gentle and natural transition into Preschool.

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Learnings in La Petite Ecole

What is the Schedule

La Petite Ecole  is a 5 morning/week program that runs from 8:30am to 12:30pm. With a pick up time right after lunch, children are ready to go home and nap, or transition to Happy Play.

When can my child start

Applicants to La Petite Ecole will only start the program after their 2nd birthday. 

Applicants do not need to be potty trained to attend this program.

Where is the program located

La Petite Ecole is only available on our Sausalito campus, right passed the Golden Gate Bridge. Our beautiful one-level Marin campus is particularly well suited for this program. 

Looking for full time care? HAPPY PLAY is your solution!


Andrew started in La Petite Ecole knowing no French other than bonjour and merci.  After 4 months he was singing French songs. This year in preschool, he is learning to count, tell the days of the week and speak sentences in French all while enhancing his English speaking and comprehension skills. 

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ADM | Looking to apply for a sibling ? Your application deadline is NOV 15

In an admissions season like no other, time is passing by quickly and if you are interested in enrolling a sibling for the 2021-2022 school year, we invite you to apply early and before NOV 15. 

As you are already familiar with the school, the admissions requirements are somewhat tailored to your specific needs. 

Likewise, if you work at LFSF and would like to apply for your child, we encourage you to do so before NOV 15.




NOTE : Happy Play is THE AFTERNOON PROGRAM only available to Petite ecole students.

What is Happy Play

Happy Play is a child focused, daycare program that welcomes Petite Ecole students from 12:30 pm until 5:30pm. It gently complements the Petite Ecole morning program by focusing on the development of social emotional and living together skills.

Happy Play gently focuses on helping young children thrive socially, and build soft skills such as how to regulate emotions and how to behave, play, share in a group or interact with adults. Happy Play is led by daycare professionals with the required ECE (Early Childhood Educational credentials).


No. You can choose between the part-time option or the full-time one that includes Happy Play.

Happy Play is as flexible as you need it to be. You do not need to notify us ahead of time. If you are not here at 12:30 pm to pick up your child, she/he will simply be transitioned to Happy Play until you arrive.

CAN I PICK UP MY CHILD before 5:30pm?

Yes. You may pick your child at any time between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

What do children do during Happy Play

Here’s what a typical afternoon in Happy Play can look like:

From 12:30 pm, it’s  “Zen” time

A quiet time to relax, and ease into a well deserved nap

Enjoy a Nap

Nap time for as long as your child needs it

Outdoor time

Let’s have fun on the playground

Snack Time and clean up

Get energy back with a healthy snack (provided by the parents)

Free Play

Individualized activities and supervised free play

5:30 pm... Time to say goodbye : à demain!

Happy Play ends at 5:30 pm, half an hour before the end of the school day and the after school activities.